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A Grizz Facts look at 6-year outcomes for OU undergraduates

More than half of first-time, full-time undergraduate students complete their degrees at OU within 6 years

6-year Outcomes

6-year outcomes, undergraduates, full-time

icon of a calendarDecember 14, 2020

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While many students who enroll at OU complete their degrees at OU, some students successfully complete their degrees at other institutions. In addition to the 57 percent of first-time undergraduates entering OU during Fall 2013 who graduated from OU within six years, 13 percent received degrees from other institutions. Another 13 percent of these students remain enrolled at either OU (6 percent) or other institutions (7 percent).

Student outcomes for additional first-time student cohorts and for transfer cohorts can be found in the Student Achievement Measure report on the OIRA web section. 

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