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OUTLOOK: Determined to Grow

During the holiday season, enjoy Oakland University's rich history

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Holiday Spirit

icon of a calendarNovember 15, 2017

icon of a pencilBy Emell Derra Adolphus

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To be pioneering is a tradition deeply rooted in Oakland University’s founding.

In 60 years, our campus has evolved from a rural 320-acre place in the country to an expansive academic institution. Our founder, Matilda Dodge Wilson, was the driving force that made this evolution possible, and her persistence to see our University prosper was evident in her actions.

She graciously gave land, money and influence so our University could build a home. But beyond bricks and mortar, she also gifted us with a purpose. And in pursuing this purpose, we garnered a renewed sense of what we could accomplish together as an institution through our collective determination.

Decades later, our campus is still rich with Matilda’s tenacity. The same hands-on approach she took to running Meadow

Brook Farm is echoed in our University’s innumerable hands-on learning opportunities. This is evident in the way employers seek out OU students for their skill and resilience.

The renovation of the Oakland Center as our student hub is a symbolic reflection of our continuous growth forward.

But as we forge ahead to the future, it is important that we take time to appreciate our past. Meadow Brook Hall comes to mind when I think of our University’s most storied representation of our heritage.

The Dodge Brothers’ determination epitomizes the American dream. That tenacity passed on to John Dodge’s widow, Matilda. With her second husband, lumber broker Alfred Wilson, she owned and operated a successful farm, built an iconic country estate and paved the way for an iconic university.– Geoff Upward, Executive Director, Meadow Brook

Matilda’s hands-on, sweat-the-details style is reflected in the estates immaculate makeup. Not to mention, the Hall does an amazing job of decorating for the holidays, and some of my best gifts have come from their shops.

This season, take a tour and take some time to revel in the rich legacy that has sustained our University for 60 years.

Together — as a community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.

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