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New Cinema Studies program enables aspiring movie makers to delve deeper into the anatomy of film

Oakland University film students help direct a shoot in the production room


icon of a calendarNovember 15, 2017

icon of a pencilBy Emell Derra Adolphus

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The expansion of the Cinema Studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences to include a bachelor’s degree in cinema studies with a specialization in filmmaking will enable aspiring moviemakers to delve deeper into the anatomy of film.

“This means they acquire a range of practical and technical skills — which makes them better prepared for a range of careers — as well as gaining a holistic understanding of filmmaking, which makes their work stronger,” says Andrea Eis, professor and director of cinema studies at OU.

“We also encourage students to work as production assistants and interns on professional film sets while they are still in school. That way, they graduate with better career knowledge, experience in the field, a more robust resume, and have had the chance to start networking in the film industry.”

A close relationship with the School of Music, Theatre and Dance has enabled cinema students to practice auditioning actors and directing. Meanwhile, students explore a variety of filmmaking disciplines such as commercials, music videos and documentaries through the program’s professional partnerships.

The degree program provides students with the skills they need to become independent filmmakers, explains Eis, “Or start careers in the film and media industry in one of the many areas for which they have hands-on experience.”

For more information about cinema studies at Oakland University, please contact professor Andrea Eis at or visit

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