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Observership Guideline for Clinical


Observership Guideline for Clinical Experiences


Authorizing Body:

The OUWB Office of Medical Education


Lynda Misra, DO, FACP, MEd

Date Issued:

January 30, 2017

Last Update:



The School of Medicine is required to track all student clinical experiences to ensure that they meet the requirements of the curriculum and are consistent with patient safety regulations and Beaumont Health System policies and procedures. 

Scope and Applicability:

All students enrolled in the School of Medicine

Standard Practice Guideline:


  • Defined as a prearranged student interaction with a Beaumont physician in a clinical inpatient or ambulatory setting where the student is present to observe rather than participate in the delivery of healthcare
  • Observerships occur outside of the required coursework in the medical school curriculum
  • Observerships include shadowing PRISM mentors
  • Observerships provide an opportunity for students to observe what the practice of medicine entails and how the jobs of physicians in different fields of practice compare
  • Observership experiences with OUWB faculty should only be scheduled on weekends, holidays, during breaks between semesters, or during time off from classes
  • It is never acceptable to schedule observerships during scheduled class time
  • Requires OUWB Physician Shadowing/Observership Application

Capstone mentoring:

  • A required part of the curriculum that may necessitate that a student works with OUWB faculty in a clinical setting as part of the research project training or data collection process
  • Capstone mentoring experiences are Capstone project-driven and should primarily be instructional interactions between the student and the designated Capstone mentor
  • Requires OUWB Physician Shadowing/Observership Application


Students interested in setting up a Shadowing/Observership or Capstone mentoring experience must fill out the OUWB Physician Shadowing/Observership Application. The Application can be found online on the CareerDOC website.

When the application is completed, it submitted electronically to Gabe Dumbrille, Director of Student affairs & Career Development at

The application requires immunization status and confirmation that the applicant is in academic good standing from OUWB School of Medicine. Approval to shadow or observe a physician can only be granted by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Clinical Education. Exact dates of the observership or shadowing experience will be coordinated through the Director of Student Affairs & Career Development. ALL OBSERVERSHIPS ARE “HANDS IN POCKETS” ONLY.


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