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Entering Hours/Pay Period

Entering Hours/Pay Period

Reduce the amount of time you spend on your leave report by copying the number of hours from one of your leave report entries and paste across multiple dates in the same pay period for the same earnings type.

This feature can be particularly helpful if you enter the same time for each day you work.


To enter hours for a pay period:

1. From the Leave Report page, click the displayed hours or Enter Hours link for the desired date and earnings type.
Note: You must log in to SAIL before you can access the Time Sheet page. See Opening A Leave Report for more information.

2. Type the number of hours, to the nearest quarter hour, in the Hours field.
Note: Employee time from 1 to 7 minutes should be rounded down, and thus not counted as time worked, but employee time from 8 to 14 minutes must be rounded up and counted as a quarter hour of work time. See FLSA Regulations 29 CFR 785.48(b) for more information.

 3. Click the Copy button.

4. Click the Copy by Date checkbox for dates to be copied.

5. Click the Copy button. A message displays indicating the hours were copied.

6. Click the Leave Report button.