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Designating a Proxy in SAIL

Designating a Proxy in SAIL


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Carefully consider the employee you designate as your Proxy.  This person will assume your rights/responsibilities.  When designating a Proxy, please be sure the person has access to Banner.

Proxies have the same “rights” that you do.  If you are an Approver for:

  • Monthly Leave Reports,
  • Departmental Time Entry (DTE) for Students (ST), and/or
  • Departmental Time Entry (DTE) for Hourly/Bi-Weekly (BW),

you will not be able to assign a Proxy just for Leave Reports and another Proxy just for DTE.  Each Proxy you set up, either in NTRPROX or SAIL, will be able to do everything that you can do and see everything that you can see.

A proxy is a person who acts as an approver on your behalf when you are unable to complete the approver tasks (e.g. you are on vacation or are sick). Proxies are also required to have a Green Signature Card on file with Accounts Payable.


To designate a proxy:

1. From the home pages, click on SAIL in the upper left hand corner. Under “Quick Links” click on “Faculty and Staff SAIL.”

2. Click on “Login To Secure Area.”


3. Login with your Net ID and Password - this is the same login as your email.

4. Click on the “Employee” box


 5. Click on the box “Monthly Leave Reports and Department Time Entry Approvals.”


6. At the bottom left, click on “Proxy Set Up.”

7. Click on the down arrow until you find the person you would like to designate as your proxy.

8. Click the “Add” box to add that person for proxy setup and click the “Save” button.

To remove a proxy:

9.  Click the “Remove” box to remove a person from proxy setup and click the “Save” button.