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Grad student Sunil Kandel publishes article about cardiac tissue

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Grad student Sunil Kandel publishes article about cardiac tissue
Biomedical Sciences: Medical Physics graduate student Sunil Kandel is the lead author on a paper titled “The Strength-Interval Curve in Cardiac Tissue” that appeared recently in Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine (Volume 2013, Article Number 134163). The abstract of the paper states
The bidomain model describes the electrical properties of cardiac tissue and is often used to simulate the response of the heart to an electric shock. The strength-interval curve summarizes how refractory tissue is excited. This paper analyzes calculations of the strength-interval curve when a stimulus is applied through a unipolar electrode. In particular, the bidomain model is used to clarify why the cathodal and anodal strength-interval curves are different, and what the mechanism of the "dip" in the anodal strength-interval curve is.
Kandel works with CBR member Brad Roth of the Department of Physics. He obtained a masters degree in Physics from Wayne State University before joining the OU Medical Physics PhD program in 2009. Last year, he presented his research results at the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (October 24-27, 2012). His research is supported in part by an Oakland University Provost’s Graduate Student Research Award.