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Welcome Visiting Scholars

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Welcome Visiting Scholars

The School of Business Administration at Oakland University welcomes these Visiting Scholars from China:


Dr. Wang from Northwestern Polytechnical University in China, plans to explore the way in which HR processes are associated with organizational outcomes through their influence on employee attitudes and behaviors.  Her focus is on how employees perceive HR practices and react to these practices.  She is working with Dr. Ken York of the SBA's management faculty.  Expected duration of her visit will be one year.


Mr. Peng Hao is a doctoral student from Tainjin University in China. Peng plans to complete papers at Oakland University that will lead to a doctoral degree. He will be working closely with Professor Singhal on topics in financial engineering and market micro structure with special emphasis on short sales. To make his visit to Oakland University a successful one, Peng plans to focus on high quality papers in association with faculty at Oakland University that are likely to be published in reputed journals.  He is working with Dr. Rajiv Singhal, finance faculty in the Department of Accounting and Finance.


Dr. Ping (Sharon) Shuai, an associate professor from management school, and her colleague Professor Wenjia (Winnie) Chen , a lecturer from College of Fine Arts, of Shanghai University, are both visiting Michigan to explore setting up a platform for Shanghai University to accomplish three objectives: 1) identify functions and programs that will serve as a gateway to American and Chinese students interested in studying abroad, 2) look at opportunities to bridge research interests between American and Chinese professors, and 3) explore linkages between industry in Michigan and China, possibly to support student education (global team projects) and applied research. Shuai is working with the School of Business Administration (under the coordination of Dean Mohan Tanniru) and Wenjia is working with the department of art and art history at Wayne State University (under the coordination of Department Chair Dr John Richardson).