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OU's Wayne Thibodeau chosen as president elect of MCEEA

Friday, July 8, 2011
OU's Wayne Thibodeau chosen as president elect of MCEEA
By Katie Land, news editor

OU's Wayne Thibodeau has been chosen as the president elect of the MCEEA.
As Oakland University’s director of Career Services, Wayne Thibodeau keeps his finger on the pulse of new job trends, current issues and changes for students in Michigan’s challenging marketplace.

He will become even more active across the state this year, as he takes on the role of president elect of the Michigan Career Educator and Employer Alliance (MCEEA).

With the goal of maximizing employment and student career potential while forging new relationships between employers and universities, Thibodeau will have his hands full.

“As president elect, my goal is to work closely with the president of MCEEA to expand membership and capitalize on building stronger relationships between colleges, universities, and employers in the areas of internship, co-op, and employment,” Thibodeau said. “In addition, our core mission is to generate new connections in the industry so that we can support and promote more opportunities for our students in the market.”

With the Oakland community at heart, Thibodeau will be focused on generating new ideas, expanding networking opportunities, creating a healthy exchange of ideas and best practices among members, and working closely to support and advocate for workforce development needs.

His involvement in the organization and the university will benefit both.

“My presence on the MCEEA executive board will provide invaluable exposure and recognition of the positive growth and activity at OU,” Thibodeau continued. “My involvement with MCEEA has already opened doors for us at Oakland to partner with sister institutions and employers across the state to collaborate and initiate best practices.”

Thibodeau has been nominated for a three year term, beginning July 1 as president elect. Next year he will become president and the following year he will serve as past president.

MCEEA is the result of a merger between two former state organizations, the Michigan Council for Internships and Cooperative Education (MC-ICE) and the Michigan Association of Colleges and Employers (Mi-ACE).

As an active member of both organizations, Thibodeau himself served as chair for the Consolidation Committee that took place from 2009-10.

“I feel that the merger and consolidation of two state organizations could not have come at a better time,” he said. “It will be imperative for colleges, universities and employers to create a more unified front to leverage resources and respond to the changing market conditions in the State of Michigan.”

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