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OU alumnus brings engineering expertise to science classrooms

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
OU alumnus brings engineering expertise to science classrooms
By Katie Land, news editor

OU alumnus Will Sommerville utilizes his engineering expertise in educational programs.
When Will Sommerville completed his Master’s of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oakland University, he didn’t expect to find a whole world of organizations looking for his input.

As the “token young guy” in an established field of engineering and educational organizations, Sommerville has leapt into the near limitless roles of volunteer, advisor and board member for the Square One Education Network and is active in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

By day, Sommerville works for United Solar Ovonics in Auburn Hills as an electrical engineer and spends his spare time promoting science and technology education programs and working to form a link between the two organizations.

“I get a great deal of satisfaction by engaging in the community – whether it is local or global. Meeting people with similar issues and new ideas is exciting. Through these organizations, we are able to professionally network and recruit new people for the cause. It generates real value.”

Hoping to get students and teachers alike interested in engineering, Sommerville takes a practical pride in the hands on work and projects he is able to participate in through Square One.

Sommerville currently sits on the board of directors for Square One, a grant-funding organization dedicated to exploring the fields of engineering, science and mathematics in K-12 grade classrooms.

“Square One brings a unique skill set to students. They are able to get into schools with a niche hands-on movement with volunteers who really know their topics. It is a great organization to be a part of.”

To this end, the organization is hosting the Synergy Summit 2010 on Tuesday, August 17, in Ypsilanti. Bringing together educators and industry leaders, this event is designed to address best practices for creating the technologically savvy workforce of the future.

“Will's direct involvement in the development of solar technologies brings a valuable aspect of emerging industries to our board and to the Synergy Summit,” said Karl Klimek, executive orchestrator for Square One. “This growing dimension of the national economy is playing an increasingly important role, so connecting teachers and students to his expertise couldn't come at a better time.”

For more information or to register for the Synergy Summit, view the website. For more information about Oakland’s engineering programs in the School of Engineering and Computer Science, view the website.