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Water festival brings big topics and big crowds to OU Thursday

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Water festival brings big topics and big crowds to OU Thursday
By Katie Land, news editor

Oakland University’s third annual Clinton River Water Festival promises to be bigger and better than ever, according to Reginald McCloud, director of the Department of Pre-College Programs.

The first year brought in 933 students and this Thursday, Oakland’s campus will welcome an influx of approximately 1,400 fifth-grade students ready to learn.

Topics will include everything from water quality, water pollution, fish biology, wildlife management, chemical and oil spills, soil erosion and the Great Lakes as a unique freshwater resource, McCloud said.

Utilizing 25 minute hands-on sessions with titles like Dirt Doctor and Drain Detectives, students learn about ecosystems, the hydrologic cycle and the difference between frogs and toads.

The festival supplements lessons taught in science classrooms and provides an opportunity for teachers to show their students around a college campus. This year, additional bus transportation is available for schools who could not normally attend an event such as this.

There will be 94 volunteer presenters on hand with a list of backgrounds in the scientific, academic, government, business and industry fields, as well as water resource professionals. Three Oakland students will also present, earning scholarships provided by Oakland’s provost office.

The festival will provide half- and full-day experiences for attendees, with a full-day schedule consisting of five sessions, lunch and a campus tour. A half-day schedule will include up to four sessions.

Oakland Plus, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of fresh water resources, is the primary sponsor.
The Clinton River Water Festival is hosted by the Department of Pre-College Programs. For more information, visit the OU Clinton River Water Festival Web page or contact Jill Osmon at (248) 370-4455.