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New jobs created for students with Summer Campus Corps

Friday, April 10, 2009
New jobs created for students with Summer Campus Corps
By Katie Land, news editor

A new workforce will occupy Oakland University’s campus this summer in the form of the Summer Student Campus Corps, a newly created program for undergraduate students looking for summer employment.

There will be a total of 35-50 jobs available in the corps program, with no set deadlines to apply. Once positions are posted, they will be available on at OUCareer Link at until they are filled.

“The program is intended to have students serve as interns in project-based work assignments which will provide them with meaningful work experience and a chance to network with OU staff,” said Cindy Hermsen, OU’s director of financial aid.

Projects include a variety of longstanding infrastructure projects, including areas such as information technology, grounds and landscaping, recreation and administrative offices. These projects will all be outside the scope of routine positions traditionally offered by the hiring department, and all will be temporary.

To support students in increasingly difficult economic times, the corps will supply limited positions from April 27-August 30 at up to 40 hours a week, depending on the needs of the project. Students can earn up to $10 an hour or a maximum of $7,200 over 18 weeks.

“OU is committed to making an OU education affordable. The program was created as part of OU’s commitment to assisting students with the cost of their education during difficult economic times with an opportunity to work during the summer,” said Hermsen.

The corps program will be evaluated at the end of the summer to determine its success and if it should continue on into subsequent years.

Departments may submit a funding request for additional summer projects. Applications will be determined by the uniqueness of the project, project goals, number of students required, cost and more.

Students can apply for postings at OUCareer Link at or contact the Financial Aid Office at (248) 370-2550 or