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Pre-college Programs joins YMCA Education Coalition

Friday, May 30, 2008
Pre-college Programs joins YMCA Education Coalition

Oakland University’s Pre-College Program is part of the YMCA Education Coalition Partners and was awarded the YMCA 2008 Partnership Award.

The YMCA Education Coalition includes Central Michigan University, Detroit Public Schools, Eastern Michigan University, Henry Ford Health Systems, Henry Ford Community College, Lake Superior State University, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Dearborn, Wayne County Community College District, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University and the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit.

The goal of the YMCA Education Coalition partnership is to ensure all student participants are exposed to the basic skills and relationships needed for high school success, career planning and college success. The coalition creates a pipeline of development and support with the outcome being students’ enrollment in a Michigan college or university.

OU’s Department of Pre-College Programs was part of the planning committee and hosted the student participants on campus. Mentors in the department serve as hosts to the students.

For more information about OU’s Pre-College Programs, call Reginald McCloud, director of Pre-College Programs, at (248) 370-4455.