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World-Class Graduate Assistants Wanted!

Friday, August 22, 2014
World-Class Graduate Assistants Wanted!

For some years The Honors College has employed undergraduate teaching assistants, working particularly on the HC100 "Making Discoveries" course. Annually, The Honors College employs nearly two dozen of these undergraduate TAs and they form an integral part of our teaching and student support strategy. In addition, we employ Student Coordinators, also from the junior and senior student body, who support both our freshmen students and our TAs, and work with professors to improve student success. Finally, the Honors College has annual Honors College Faculty Fellows who participate in teaching, student support and student engagement activities, and an advising system that ensures there are strong links between advising in The Honors College and advising in the Schools and the College of Arts and Sciences, and in the First Year Advising Center -- with the aim of strong advising support for Honors College students.

From 2015 we are looking to employ Graduate Teaching Assistants who will form part of The Honors College team. 

As these 1/2 time appointments evolve these Honors College Graduate Assistants will be involved in our highly successful HC100 "Making Discoveries" Freshmen Colloquium class, they will participate in co-teaching the HC390 "Honors Project/Thesis Proposal" class and mentoring senior research projects to their launch. More and more Honors College students proceed to complete their Honors College project/thesis and the quality of this work is always magnificent. Our GAs will also offer a class as part of our HC program, and they will participate in supporting students to apply for prestigious awards and scholarships, they will work with the Honors College Dean and other members of the Honors College to create events and activities that explore all we can achieve.

Applications for the first of these Graduate Teaching Assistant positions are open and more information on GAs can be obtained at the Office of Graduate Admissions: