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OU INC featured in BLAWG by Bill Pilchak

Friday, August 22, 2014
OU INC featured in BLAWG by Bill Pilchak

OU INC was recently featured in the BLAWG of Bill Pilchak. As a business incubator, OU INC provides several opportunities for companies and individuals that are unique. OU INC’s Integrated Resource Center (IRC) and Conference Room allow for companies to hold meetings with a variety of interactive options.

Pilchak highlights some of the advantages to holding a meeting at OU INC in his BLAWG Power Brainstorming- With a Written Record. Having recently visited OU INC when the Auburn Hills Chamber Of Commerce Board conducted a retreat at OU INC, Pilchak was in awe.

To find out what left Mr. Pilchak in awe, visit to view the BLAWG in its entirety. While there, take the time to review some of his other BLAWGs and find out more about the practice of Pilchak & Cohen PC.