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Recent grad gets social with health expertise

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Recent grad gets social with health expertise

Health sciences alum Stephen Hooper ('12) finds success as a personal trainer, using social media and to share his fitness tips.
Stephen Hooper, a 2012 Oakland University graduate, has parlayed his passion for health and fitness into a successful career as a certified personal trainer and contributor to a popular website devoted to helping people get in shape and improve athletic performance. The 26-year-old Detroit native is among a diverse group of experts – trainers, nutritionists, sports psychologists and professional athletes – who publish a variety of multimedia content for

In association with Yahoo Sports, the online community helps individuals of all ability levels improve their health and fitness, and aims to give athletes – both amateur and professional – a competitive edge in their sports. Since joining the website last April, Hooper has published a pair of peer-reviewed articles showing readers how to increase their speed and endurance. Along with his rigorous workouts, getting published requires a measure of determination, Hooper says.

“It's a very intense process – most proposals are rejected,” he explained. “You have to have an idea with the potential to reach a wide audience. It has to be well-informed and straight to the point.”

Strong communication skills are also essential in Hooper's job as a personal trainer. He works with clients to help them reach their health and fitness goals, which range from losing weight, adding muscle, and alleviating pain and stress. His work demands a strong knowledge base, which he gained as a student in OU's health sciences program.

“As a personal trainer, I constantly apply my understanding of scientific principles. Whenever we move, and even when we are at rest, the forces of gravity are always at work, pushing and pulling on us,” Hooper explained. “The courses I took at OU – especially in human motion analysis and health promotion – have helped me provide the best possible service to my clients.”

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, Hooper went on to earn his personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. Follow him on Twitter at @SupremeAthlete6.

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