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Sigma Theta Tau 10th Annual Research Day Winners

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Sigma Theta Tau 10th Annual Research Day Winners





March 27, 2014, ROCHESTER, MI -- With 39 student poster presentations and more than 100 attendees, the 10th Annual Research Day hosted by Sigma Theta Tau Theta Psi Chapter, was the largest event in its history.

DeAnne Ramos, Assistant Vice President Branch Operations of the Oakland University Credit Union was on hand to present the financial awards to the winning recipients.  Awards went to first, second and third place each in two categories, Undergraduate and Graduate. First place was $600, Second place was $400 and Third place was $250.

Posters from undergraduate and graduate students were on display on the second floor of the Human Health Building and viewed by nursing students, health science students, staff and faculty and then rated by judges DeAnne Ramos, Claudia Grobbel (SON) & Tammy Hew (SHS). Kelly Berishaj DNP, RN, ACNS,-BC, CFN, School of Nursing faculty member, presented on the need for Forensic Nursing and what it takes for a nurse to be a forensic nurse. 

The winners are:


1st place:  The Effects of Massage Therapy on Osteoarthritis of Weight-Bearing Joints.  Anita Fabian, Victoria Ipina, Jicyn Nucum, Seungii Ryu-Roest, and Antonia Yee

2nd place:  Evaluation of Cricoid Pressure Knowledge in Nurses.  Arianna Szkilnyk and Alyssa Minich

3rd place: Early Ambulation in Postoperative Elderly Patients to Decrease Hospital Length of Stay. Mikaela Bernardo, Carleen DeLuna, Kandice Escoe, and Katherine Kurkowski


1st place: Educating to Prevent Childhood Obesity. Amity Bates, Susan Bieda, Rita Cangemi, Jennnifer Kinaia, and Sunita Pudasaini

2nd place: Effectiveness of a Low Carbohydrate Diet on Lowering Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factor in Women. Jennifer Gideon, Fariba Imran, Joseph Smith, Alta Zabegaylo.

3rd place: Health People 2020 Objectives:  Breastfeeding. Michale Heuninckx, JoeAnna Ingram, Lauren Kakish,  Allison LaPrise, and Meghan Sutton.

Plans are already underway for the 11th Annual Research Day. For more information, please contact Claudia Grobbel at