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Business students invited to try Bloomberg workstation in Elliott Hall

Friday, March 14, 2014
Business students invited to try Bloomberg workstation in Elliott Hall

With Bloomberg skills nearly as important as Microsoft Office skills in many fields, Oakland University’s business school is testing Bloomberg services through the end of March. Business students are invited to explore the real-time financial data available via the Bloomberg terminal in the computer lab on the second floor of Elliott Hall.


Finance major William Gross is enthusiastic about the trial. “The terminals are absolutely wonderful. They provide more than enough data to suit any need a student will have,” he says.  “To have access to and learn how to use the Bloomberg terminals as a student will give us a significant advantage over our competition in the job market, especially for jobs in the financial industry. The members of the Society for Applied Investing and Financial Education love the trial run of the Bloomberg terminals as well.”


Gross notes other business students he has talked with indicate they faced initial challenges adapting to the new software. “As with any new technology, after getting over the learning curve, students seem to love the access to all the data that Bloomberg compiles from around the world,” he adds.


The world’s leading banks, corporations and government agencies use the Bloomberg platform to access key information about the global financial markets that influences day to day business decisions and long term strategic planning.