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Health Science student tests the waters at Selfridge

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Health Science student tests the waters at Selfridge
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Health Science student tests the waters at Selfridge

Senior Airman Brandon Reif demonstrates a water quality test to measure for proper chemical balance and any impurities at Selfridge Air National Guard Base. The tests are conducted monthly at key locations around the base to ensure quality drinking water. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by TSgt. Robert Hanet/Released)
Oakland University student Brandon Reif is part of a dedicated team that safeguards occupational health at Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township, Mich. The Health Sciences major is a full-time employee of the 127th Medical Group bioenvironmental section, whose task is to monitor water quality on the base.

"I enjoy performing site visits to various shops to examine the chemicals they have on site," said Reif, a senior airman. "I like cataloging the chemicals in a (unified) database and making recommendations on proper handling and storage."

Reif’s expertise is evident when he conducts water sampling tests, which measure Selfridge’s drinking water at six key locations for chlorine, bacteria and other elements. The monthly tests ensure quality drinking water for the entire base. 

Reif graduated from technical training in 2011 and has been a full-time employee since last year. His colleagues are impressed by his rapid growth on the job.

"(Reif) is a tremendous asset to the Medical Group," said Technical Sgt. Dean Klovski, section supervisor. "It is rare to have someone with the knowledge, maturity level, and understanding of the career field at such a young age."

According to Major Mark Rausch, officer in charge of the bioenvironmental section, Reif's knowledge was put to the test recently when he was asked technical questions related to his career field by visiting inspectors.

“Each question Reif answered, the inspector went one layer deeper, and each time Reif knew the answers," Rausch said. “There is an enormous responsibility to ensure the health and safety of the people on Selfridge."

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