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Munetrix Expanding its Market

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Munetrix Expanding its Market

 Auburn Hills based start-up Munetrix is successfully taking Public Private Partnerships to the next level by including non-profits. Already deeply ingrained in the public sector with local governments and school districts, Munetrix announced a new data sharing agreement with Michigan-based Municipal Advisory Council, a Detroit not-for-profit. This announcement coupled with the existing partnerships Munetrix has with Oakland University, the Citizen’s Research Council of Michigan, SEMCOG, the two northernmost lower peninsula COGs (NEMCOG and NWMCOG) plus the state’s major school associations, Munetrix is on a path to create a new acronym – the P4!


According to Kittle, “Hard work doesn’t go unrecognized, and the non-profit world is a perfect match for our cause. The organizations we have been so fortunate to be able to partner with, since we happen to have a product that closely aligns with their missions, just adds another horse to their buggy. More horsepower equals a greater ability for everybody to carry out their mission, so these are true win-win relationships, and collectively, we are doing more with less.”


Munetrix has been an Oakland University Business Incubator partner since 2012. They are a provider of financial transparency data for municipalities and local school districts in Michigan. This company has created the Munetrix-School and Municipal Edition Investor Report from their online financial data and transparency reporting system that provides data and fiscal measurements, including a financial health indication scorecard of school district and municipal information. The report has been built specifically to serve as a quick reference document and to act as a summary of a community’s most recent audited financial information.


The Municipal Advisory Council of Michigan (MAC) has prepared the MAC Debt Statement Report, which provides Munetrix customers with summary data relative to outstanding debt whether direct, indirect or overlapping, presented on a per capita and percentage of taxable value. Making the combined information available to members and customers of the two organizations presents a meaningful view of municipality and school district financial status. The combination of the MAC’s view of the debt side of the equation coupled with Munetrix provided income, expense and balance information, and calculation of a standardized fiscal score will aid in evaluating the general health of a community.

Added Kittle: “Our agreement with the MAC is another value-add to our database and provides Munetrix customers and MAC members the ability to get quicker access to otherwise difficult-to-locate information. The model we have created in this joint effort could mark the beginning of finally getting arms around the real elephant in the room: the debt load and liability burden facing so many local government entities in the future.”

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