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Accounts Delete Request           

ADMNET Access Request                  

Argos - Business Group and User Maintenance Request

Argos - Connection ID Request

Argos - Promotion Request

Argos - SQL Developer Export Compliance Acceptance Request

Argos - User Access Request (DBD / RW / RV)


Banner Access Request

Banner Advancement Access Request

Banner Relationship Manager Request

Banner Secure Person Data Access Request

Banner UC4 Application Manager Access Request

Banner Unix Access Request

Banner Unlock Account / Password Reset (Guest, Shared, Other)

Banner Unlock Account / Password Reset Self-Service Utility (Employee)

Banner Vendor Access Request


Career Development Application

CE & Enrichment Request 

Cell Phone Allowance Request

Change of Status Request (Faculty / Staff)

Change of Status Request (Graduate Assistants)

Checklist for Lost, Stolen or Missing Computer, Smartphone or Other Media Storage Devices

Computer Release Request


DegreeWorks - User Access Request

Departmental Petition of Exception (CAS)

DUO Security Token Request


EAB SCC Campus Access Request

eBill (TBP) User Access 

eBill TouchNet Account Unlock/Password Reset

eBill (TPG) Administrator Access 

eBill (TPG) User Access

Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification 

eProposal Routing Application

Evisions - IntelleCheck Access For Financial Request

Evisions - IntelleCheck Access For Payroll Request


Faculty Qualifications Assurance

Firewall Change Request (pdf)

Form Request 


General Education - New Course Application Request

General Education - Petition of Exception Request

GoAnywhere - Application & Individual Request 

GoAnywhere - Unlock Account/Password Reset (No Login)

Google Groups Request

Grade Change Request

Graduate Transfer Credit for OU Courses


Lab Account Request


Mac Checklist (No Login)

MarketPlace Access Request

MarketPlace Account Unlock/Password Reset Request

Miscellaneous Pay - Staff Employees Only

Modify an Approved Undergraduate Program

MSDNAA Student Account Request (No Login)

My PUB Alumni Profile and Impact Statement


NetID Guest Account Request

NetID Shared Account Request


Oakshare - Request for Quota Increase (No Login)

Oracle Reports Developer Access (pdf)

OU Course Waiver Substitution Request


PC Checklist(Windows) (No Login)

PerfectForms Developer Request

Personnel Action Form (Faculty / Staff)

Petition for Graduate Transfer Credit Request

Program Transfer Request


Request for Transfer Credit Course


Sabbatical Leave Application - Bargaining Unit

Scantron Access Request

School of Health Science - Petition of Exception Request

Shares Access Finance Request

Shares Access General Request 

Shared Calendar / Room Resource Account Request

Software & Hosted Solution Purchasing Checklist (No Login)

Special Account Request (pdf)

Special Credit Offering Request


Travel Authorization Request (UTS)


VPN Access Request