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Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Enrichment

A focus on cultural enrichment exposes PUB Scholars to people, customs, standards, and experiences to which they may not have ever been exposed.  The goal is to equip them with a knowledge base to help them more easily navigate higher education and, ultimately, career environments.

Diversity and Inclusion

In PUB’s target geographic area, students tend to see people who look like them.  But the world is made up of people with a vast array of characteristics and qualities.  PUB seeks to introduce Scholars to all types of human diversity to broaden their knowledge of and comfort level with people who may or may not look like them; and to prepare them to succeed in a global community.  Consequently, human diversity is intentionally included in our staffing, our student body, our field trips, and in all of our activities to the degree possible.

Dining Etiquette 

PUB’s Project Director facilitates dining etiquette training during each Summer Academy.  Training begins with the requirement for Scholars to RSVP to an invitation, continues with a cocktail hour, and concludes with a sit-down dinner.  Knowing dining etiquette increases Scholar’s confidence in both social and career situations where dining habits can make a critical difference such as a job interview over lunch, a conference meal, or even a date.

Appropriate Attire

Scholars transitioning from childhood into adulthood when important opinions will be formulated about them based on their appearance.  It is important that Scholars learn how to dress to suit the occasion.  PUB tries to employ fun ways of getting the message across such as fashion shows, fashion design elective classes, and designated days to dress in specific attire.

Effective Communication

With adulthood also comes the need to communicate appropriately and effectively.  This becomes more of a challenge with all of the acronyms and shortcuts used to communicate on social media.  Limiting cell phone time encourages face-to-face communication which increases Scholars’ ability to “read” non-verbal communication signals.  Incorporating diversity helps to develop an ear for international accents and interpret the body language of other ethnicities, a skill essential for success in college and careers.   Enhanced communication skills complement dressing appropriately and using acceptable dining etiquette; altogether they enhance self-confidence.

Performing Arts 

Every PUB Summer Academy ends with a stage performance.  This is the capstone event of the Performing Arts class which incorporates drama, dance, music, and stage production.  Scholars write their own script which is usually reflective of a current cultural situation.  Then they facilitate all of the tasks associated with presenting a successful live performance.  Friends and family are invited in for the production and, once again, self-confidence is boosted when Scholars perform on a stage in front of an audience.

Gospel Explosiion

PUB’s Annual Gospelfest evolved into an Annual Gospel Explosion effective in the summer of 2018.  The difference is that it is a bigger production in a larger venue.  The purpose is twofold:  to generate scholarship dollars for PUB Alumni who enroll at Oakland University and to engage with the Pontiac community where most PUB Scholars live.  The Gospel Explosion gives PUB Scholars another stage performance opportunity since, as the hosting group, PUB sings the first songs to open the show.  With the Gospel Explosion, there is absolutely no attempt on PUB’s part to persuade Scholars’ religious views.  On the contrary, the Gospel Explosion simply celebrates this rich cultural genre by presenting it in all of its forms - vocal music, instrumentals, dance, step, spoken word, mime, drama, etc.