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Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

Project Upward Bound’s academic enrichment is delivered to PUB Scholars in two parts:  the Summer Academy and the Academic Year Program.  PUB’s Summer Academy is a particularly effective strategy for preventing “Summer Slide” (i.e. learning loss) which especially impacts reading and math skills.  So not only do PUB summer scholars retain what they learned the previous academic year, but they get a head start on what will be taught in the upcoming academic year.  During the Academic Year Program, PUB’s focus is on helping Scholars earn the highest grades they can in school and preparing for the state proficiency exam.


Assessment begins when a student applies for PUB admission.  Applicant needs are initially identified based on school grades and state test scores as well as responses to essay and interview questions.  From this, the Academic Coordinator creates an initial Academic Development Plan (ADP); and the Project Advisor meets with the new PUB Scholar and their parent(s) to develop a Student Success Plan (SSP) creating academic, social, cultural, and career goals.  Practice PSAT’s/SAT’s are administered at least once annually to measure academic progress.  Both the ADP and the SSP are adjusted at least once annually developing new goals as existing goals are achieved.

Academic Support

Academic enrichment is provided for PUB Scholars in many ways:

  • Summer Academy classes, staffed by Certified Teachers and Academic Mentors, introduce Scholars to their next semester’s curriculum
  • Oakland University Teacher Education students are PUB Academic Mentors
  • Latest technologies are integrated into the implementation of lesson plans
  • Saturday Academy academic classes prepare Scholars for SAT success
  • An Academic Skills Course is taught on site at select target schools during the school day
  • College Clubs assist Scholars to complete assignments and close academic gaps
  • Competitive Academic Games help Scholars learn content and teamwork
  • Project-based classes encourage research, imagination, evaluation, critical thinking
  • Access to academic support technology from any location makes learning convenient and encourages grade level improvement
  • Access to OU resources makes the PUB experience more college-like
PUB provides one-on-one service to Scholars who need individual attention

High School Credit

PUB Scholars enrolled at Pontiac High School attend PUB's 5th hour Academic Skills class.  Just as with any other class, if PUB Scholars earn a passing grade they will earn course credit.

For all other scholars, once annually PUB sends a report to the School District summarizing the Scholar's academic performance in PUB for the past year.  The schools then award elective credit at their discretion.

All of PUB's target schools have agreed to PUB's Summer Academy being a credit recovery site.  PUB Scholars who need to make up credits may do so in a PUB Summer Academy by making arrangements through PUB's Academic Coordinator.

College Preparation

A university education includes more than academics.  So PUB addresses both the academic and social/cultural aspects of preparing for college.  In addition to offering tutoring, core, and SAT classes, PUB’s College Seminar for juniors and Senior Seminar for seniors help Scholars identify and gain entry into good-fit colleges and career options.  Financial Literacy prepares Scholars to be able to pay for college and manage their finances over a lifetime.

PUB’s Leadership Development Institute allows Scholars to identify and practice positive leadership skills that can be used in college classes, student organizations, and careers.  Performing Arts builds self-confidence and self-esteem while providing an artistic outlet.  Summer Academy, College/Career Day, College Fairs, and College Tours give Scholars access to first-hand college information, advice, and experiences that they may not otherwise have.  Summer trips expose Scholars to a broad spectrum of environments so they can make informed decisions about environmental elements that will help them to thrive in college and careers.

By providing a comprehensive approach that incorporates academic, social, cultural, and career enrichment, PUB Scholars are more likely to be prepared to experience college success.

Funding College

  • All PUB Scholars participate in Financial Literacy classes appropriate to their grade level. 
  • PUB hosts an annual FAFSA workshop for seniors and their parents each October to make sure their financial aid application is submitted on time.
  • As part of College Seminar, Scholars identify scholarships for which they can qualify by the time they are seniors.  In Senior Seminar they apply for them.
  • As part of College Seminar, Scholars compare and contrast the financial aspects of attending each of their good-fit college choices so they can make an informed choice.
  • Pontiac Promise Zone works closely with PUB to assure that PUB alumni who are eligible Pontiac residents receive the annual college financial support they are due.
  • As TRIO Programs participants, PUB Scholars are eligible to apply for scholarships sponsored by the Michigan College Access Programs and Personnel (MI-CAPP) Scholarship.
  • PUB alumni who enroll at Oakland University automatically receive an equal portion of book scholarship dollars raised in the preceding summer.
  • McCree Scholars may also participate in PUB during high school as a strategy for maintaining scholarship eligibility.
Communication and Technology

  • PUB employs a variety of technologies, from “snail mail” to social media, to communicate with Scholars and Parents.
  • A periodic newsletter is published to inform all PUB stakeholders of progress toward achieving annual objectives.
  • Computer and other electronic technology is integrated into classroom learning.
  • PUB has mobile computer labs as well as access to OU’s computer and science labs.
  • Cell phone technology is used for select activities in the classroom and on trips.
Scholars are allowed to bring cell phones to PUB Summer Academy and other activities.  But, like in school, there are designated times that it is allowable to use them.  This policy helps Scholars stay in the moment and focus on their reasons for being here.