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2019 Leadership Trip Competition

Who is eligible to compete? A prerequisite for all competitions (with the exception of the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit for new participants) is that the entrant must have been enrolled in a PUB Summer Academy. If you haven’t yet, be sure to enroll in the next Summer Academy so that you will be eligible to enter next year’s leadership competitions!

What is the prize?

There are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd places. Writers of winning essays go the Leadership Opportunity they entered. Transportation, lodging and meals will be arranged and paid by PUB. A Scholar may win more than one competition. The opportunities are listed below. NSLC entrants must be willing to fly. EOA winners may be required to fly depending on location.

PUB 2019 Leadership Opportunity Competitions

Leadership Opportunity Events, Dates & Locations

“MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit”

Ann Arbor, MI

February 15-17

“EOA National Girls in STEM” - May

Location TBD


“EOA Men of Excellence” - June

Location TBD


“COE National Student Leadership Congress” (NSLC)


Washington, DC

Who can enter

All Scholars

Male & Female


Juniors & Seniors


Juniors & Seniors

Juniors Only

Male & Female

Number of winners

Unlimited Winners

Up to 6 Females

Up to 6 Males

Up to 6 Scholars      

Entry deadline





What are the rules?
  1. All essays must be submitted by the deadlines – no exceptions.
  2. All essays must be submitted on the Google Docs form at the PUB Leadership Competitions website. (Contact PUB at (248) 370-3218 if you do not have Internet access.)
  3. The Google Docs form does not allow you to come back later for editing. Write, proof, and edit your document in Word, then paste it into the Google Doc.
  4. Essays must be your own work and will be vetted for plagiarism.
  5. Each competition has a different question to answer as the subject of the essay. Within the question are numbered topics. Write a paragraph to address each numbered topic in the question. Appropriately and clearly express your ideas up to a total of 300 words. For an essay to qualify, it must address every numbered topic in the question.
Who will judge?
  1. PUB Academic Mentors will check to make sure all the rules were followed.
  2. PUB teachers will score the technicalities (grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, word usage, etc.) and vet for plagiarism
  3. The PUB Administrative Team will verify summer enrollment and score the content (quality of the responses)
How to enter
  1. Open the document by clicking on the Title of the Leadership Opportunity Competition you want to enter
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Click “submit” and you are entered – That’s really all there is to it!

Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of PUB resources in College Club to make sure that the essay meets all requirements and is competitive.

PUB Leadership Opportunity Competition #1: MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit Essay
Every year, Michigan TRIO Professionals host a conference for Michigan's TRIO student leaders. The "MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit" encourages students to both present and attend personal development workshops as well as network and socialize with peers. Think of yourself as a student leader:
  1. Discuss at least one of your leadership qualities and explain how you developed it.
  2. Tell how you have already or will apply that leadership quality in PUB.
  3. Explain why you believe that particular leadership quality makes you a good choice to go to the 2018 MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit. At the end of your essay,
  4. list the leadership qualities that you expect to see in the other TRIO student leaders at the conference. 
To apply click here.

PUB Leadership Opportunity Competition #2: Girls in STEM

The Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) sponsors a conference for high school girls who are interested in careers that require Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM). "EOA National Girls in STEM" presents female role models in successful STEM careers and provides hands-on STEM workshops. Imagine yourself as a future STEM professional:

  1. Name the STEM career in which you interested and describe how you became interested in it.
  2. Discuss any school or extra-curricular activities in which you've been involved to explore your STEM interests (such as Robotics or Math Club.
  3. Explain how you have taken advantage of PUB's resources to improve your STEM skills.
  4. Describe the ways in which you believe you will benefit from attending the Girls-in-STEM conference.

To apply, click here.

PUB Leadership Opportunity Competition #3: EOA Men of Excellence Essay

The Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) sponsors a conference, inspired by President Obama's My Brother's Keeper Initiative, for young men in high school and college. The "EOA Men of Excellence Conference" connects young men with positive male role models leading workshops in personal and college planning, leadership and responsibility, and life skill development. Think of yourself as a future positive male role model:

  1. Describe someone you look up to and the qualities they possess that you would like to adopt for yourself.
  2. Describe how you have taken, or will take, advantage of PUB's resources to develop those skills for yourself.
  3. Tell how you believe attending the EOA Men of Excellence conference will assist you in becoming a positive role model for others.
To apply, click here.

PUB Leadership Opportunity Competition #4: COE National Student Leadership Congress Essay

The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) works to make sure that TRIO-eligible students have the resources they need to obtain a college education. This involves a lot of negotiating with U. S. Senators and Representatives which is called "advocacy." If you were a TRIO advocate:

  1. Tell Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence the most important resource you would fight for to help TRIO students get a college education.
  2. Tell her why you believe this is the most important resource.
  3. Describe for her how this resource would help you personally achieve your educational and career goals.
  4. Explain to her how it would help the nation if you achieve your educational and career goals. 
To apply, click here.