Experience it all

Break the boundaries of knowledge and explore everything that Oakland University has to offer. This is where you get to decide exactly who you want to be — and how you’ll move society forward. We are the gateway to the future in Southeast Michigan. How will you experience it?

  • Explore the Arts

    Fuel your passion with majors in music, theatre and dance, art history, creative writing, graphic design, and studio art. You can also participate in unique art ensembles, community performances, and more.

  • Explore Business

    Discover the possibilities with majors in accounting, economics, finance, IT management, marketing and other business-related fields. You can also develop entrepreneurial ideas and skills with nationally-recognized support programs.

  • Explore Engineering

    Advance the future with majors in computer, electrical, industrial, systems and mechanical engineering as well as computer and engineering science, and IT. You can also participate in STEM camps and a Maker’s Club.

  • Explore Health Sciences

    Lead the charge with majors in health sciences, clinical and diagnostic sciences, wellness and health promotion, and environmental health and safety. You can also develop leadership and interprofessional work skills.

  • Explore Education

    Follow your calling with majors in elementary education, secondary education and human resource development. You can also gain real-world teaching experience in OU’s own early childhood center and summer camps.