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Economics Videos

Videos for ECN 3030: Managerial Economics 

Chapter 1

Equilibrium Supply and Demand 
Present Value

Chapter 2

Elasticity of Demand
Elasticity in Use

Chapter 3

Optimal Consumption Bundles & Coupons

Chapter 5

Production Theory Part 1 - Single Input Production
Production Theory Part 2 - Finding Maximum Quantity for Two Inputs
Production Theory Part 3 - Finding The Budget for Two Points

Chapter 6

Cost Relationships
Economies of Scope
Break Even Analysis

Chapter 7

Short Run Perfectly Competitive Markets
Short Run Perfectly Competitive Markets, Unknown Price
Long Run Perfectly Competitive Markets

Chapter 8

Monopoly: Uniform Pricing
Monopoly: Multi-Product
Monopoly: Multi-Plant
Markup and Optimal Markup

Chapter 9

1st Degree Price Discrimination
2nd Degree Price Discrimination: Two Part Tariffs
2nd Degree Price Discrimination: Menu Pricing
2nd Degree Price Discrimination: Block Pricing
Third Degree Price Discrimination
Third Degree Price Discrimination - Uniform Pricing
Tie in Sale

Chapter 11

Game Theory
Three Player Games

Chapter 12

Price Competition
Price Competition - Collusion

Chapter 13

Auctions Expected Profit
Auctions Optimal Bidding Strategy