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Content Areas for Teaching

The Art Education certification program offered through the Department of Art and Art History and the School of Education and Human Services, prepares undergraduate and post-baccalaureate art students to become K-12 visual art educators.

Our vision is to develop the student as an artist and educator, which is embedded in the philosophical approach and organization of the curriculum. We have comprehensive art offerings that develop studio skills within aesthetic and conceptual frameworks, foster critical thinking, visual reasoning, an extensive understanding of art history, and of art’s context in contemporary society.
English/Language Arts
Students interested in teaching English/Language Arts need to choose whether they want to teach at the elementary or secondary level.  At the elementary level, students will be certified to teach all subjects in a self-contained classroom in grades kindergarten through fifth and English/Language Arts in grades six through eight.  At the secondary level, students are certified to teach English/Language Arts in grades six through twelve.  At both levels, students may choose to minor or major in English/Language Arts.
Foreign Language
The Oakland University K-12 Foreign Language Teacher Education Program is designed to prepare you to take your place as a teacher-leader in today's schools. This program educates a comparatively small number of high quality reflective practitioners who will have the knowledge; skill and capabilities needed to help children and adolescents achieve the highest levels of intellectual, social and moral development appropriate to life's rapidly changing, multi-cultural world. Teaching majors may be earned in Spanish, French, German, or Japanese. Oakland University is currently engaged in the approval process to offer a Chinese Minor in the K-12 Foreign Language Program.
Mathematics is a universal language used across the globe to model the world around us and to explore relationships and patterns in abstract structures.   Mathematics is essential in science, technology, finance, economics, public policy, and everyday living.  Preparing the next generation of mathematical literate children is the task of elementary and secondary teachers, and it is our mission to prepare exemplary teachers.

Mathematics Focus in Graduate Programs :

  • M.Ed. in Educational Studies
  • M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership
  • M.A.T. in Elementary Education
  • M.A.T. in Secondary Education
Performing Arts
The Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) in Music Education is an innovative K-12 program that provides the student with a strong foundation for teaching elementary and secondary general music, as well as band, choir, and orchestra in elementary, middle, and high schools. Students who choose the B.Mus. in Music Ed. are not required to elect a content area minor.

The teaching minor in Dance is available at both the elementary and secondary levels. Students who complete a teaching minor in Dance at the elementary level will be eligible to teach various styles of dance in grades 6-8; those at the secondary level may teach dance in grades 6-12. Students who choose the Dance minor must elect an additional content area major (secondary teachers) or minor (elementary teachers).

To be admitted to music or dance education at Oakland University, prospective students must successfully pass an audition at one of the Audition Days. Visit www.oakland.edu/mtd and click on the “Auditions” link for Audition Day details.
The undergraduate elementary education program includes an option for students to obtain a major or minor in Integrated Science. For information, download the list on the SEHS Advising Elementary Education page.

Undergraduates seeking secondary teaching certification may obtain a major or minor in Biology, Chemistry of Physics. More information about the program plans in these areas can be found on the SEHS Advising STEP page.

Additionally, an Integrated Science endorsement is available for students interested in teaching a broad spectrum of science courses at middle and/or high school level. Download the Integrated Science Program Plan on the  School and Field Services program plans page.

Science Focus in Graduate Programs: