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University Communications and Marketing

Anibal House
630 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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(248) 370-3184

University Communications and Marketing

Anibal House
630 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-3184


#ThisIsOU is the officially recognized hashtag for all things Oakland University. Influencers use #ThisIsOU to share OU pride and pictures, promote events and student orgs, show what’s happening in the classroom, and other musings that Golden Grizzlies would appreciate.

School Spirit
woman wearing a grizzlies shirt in the dugout


In the dugout watching the hubby like #ThereWasASoxPlayerBehindMe #HeLearnedAboutSpace #ThisIsOu.

grizz head painted on the turf with elliott tower in background


30'x36' painted logo for @golden_grizzlies @oaklandu #thisisou.

joey standing with ora at the lecturn


‪Congrats to the 7th President of @OaklandU... Ora Hirsch Pescovitz #ThisIsOU Thanks for the invite to the board meeting. I felt official‬.

students with black and gold paint on face and bodies


Oakland never disappointed this year. Here's to the pictures and videos of times we don't talk about but won't forget #ThisIsOU.

group of friends in OU gear


win or lose, I'm always a proud Golden Grizzly #WearTheBear#ThisIsOU #Team50 #OUMBB.

students standing in front of their table at a conference


Adulting with PhD colleagues. #oaklandu #thisisou#oaklanduniversity #ousecs #sae

gold dance costume


Yes, another gold costume picture #basic #thisisou #oumtd#actorslife #achorusline 

two nursing students in the sim lab


The best part was seeing how the students reacted and handled the craziness and eating lunch and hanging out with some of the professors!

students in front of a poster presentation


Earlier this month, I presented my research at Harvard Medical School.

three women in black and gold dresses


These lovely ladies are competing in their last MISL State Championship.

open book with elliott tower in background


There's nothing quite like sitting in the sun with a good book.

Campus Beauty
Vandenberg hHall reflecting in Bear Lake


Reflections of knowledge. #ThisisOU

architectural detail of the engineering center showing green horizontal slots in the awning against a purple and orange sunset


"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky."

aerial view of Meadow Brook estate in the fall


Early bird gets the worm #meadowbrookhall #meadowbrookestate #rochestermi #thisisou

the garden in bloom, with vines growing on the brick wall, in front of Meadow Brook Hall


After class strolls with @rachelgrace94 and Megan. #thisisou

man lounging in a hammock and looking at his phone next to Bear Lake


#hammocklife#mondaysarentsobad #thisisou#wearthebear #goldengrizzlies @oaklandu

sunset over the field at Walton and Adams


Chasing sunsets with 100 stacked photos.

Events & Everyday OU
Grizz paws holding a diploma frame


I have to share something! GRIZZ graduated yesterday. Haha Oakland tradition says the mascot can wear the hands for graduation. 

gold dance costume


I found my passions because of you, OU. P.S. I also found the love of my life- The Grizz ❤️ #thisisOU

group shot of four women in front of the school of business administration sign


Last SHRM event with these awesome ladies! #shrm #oakland#oaklanduniversity #thisisou #friends

2 guys in their own hammocks and one sitting on the grass in front of Elliott Tower


The boys and I tried out the new hammocks today. #ThisIsOU

smashed up car in front of the OC at dark


What a cool photo of the @rha4ou #grizzpose car at the end of the night! In the shadow of Elliott Tower, it shows the generous (and perhaps frustrated) spirit of OU students.

two students with paint on their faces and clothes


Holi in OU, spring is coming ~~~ #holi #thefestivalofcolors #spring#thisisou #painted #college #fesitval