george sanders

Associate Professor of Sociology
520B Varner Hall
(248) 370-2427


Research Interests

Contemporary religions, consumer culture, queer theories


Selected Publications

Sanders, George. 2018. “An Implicit Religion of Control: Corporate Mindfulness Meditation Programs.” Implicit Religion 21(1): 70-92.

Sanders, George and Josh Packard. 2016. The Air we Breathe: A Sociology of Religion. Kendall Hunt.

Sanders, George. 2016 “Religious Non-Places: Corporate Megachurches and their Contributions to Consumer Capitalism.” Critical Sociology 42(1): 33-48.

Sanders, George. 2014. “Ironically Religious, Blandly Fashionable” [Introduction to issue.] Critical Sociology, 40(4): 495-498.

Sanders, George. 2012. "Help for the Soul: Pastoral Power and the Purpose-Driven Discourse," Journal of Cultural Economy, 5(3): 321-335.

Sanders, George. 2012. "Panem et Circenses: Worship and the Spectacle," Culture and Religion,13(1): 1-­18.

Sanders, George. 2010. "The Dismal Trade as Culture Industry," Poetics, 38(1): 47-68.

Sanders, George. 2009. "Late" Capital: Amusement and Contradiction in the Contemporary Funeral Industry," Critical Sociology, 35(4): 447-470.


Courses Taught

Sociological Theory
Queer Social Theory
Sociology of Gender