terri orbuch

Professor of Sociology
530 Varner Hall
(248) 370-2431

Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

Interpersonal relationships, race/gender, interrelationships between relationships, marital stability and quality, sexuality and sexual norms, account-making and narratives

Selected Publications 

Peterson, L., Orbuch, Terri L., & Brown, E. (2014). Perceived Admiration and Transition to Parenthood for Black and White Married Couples. Journal of Family Social Work, 17: 301-323

Edna Brown, Terri L. Orbuch, José A. Bauermeister, Brandyn-Dior McKinley. (2013). Marital Well-Being Over Time Among Black and White Americans: The First Seven Years. Journal of African American Studies, 17(3): 290-307.

Orbuch, T.L., Brown, E., Baumeister, J., & McKinley, B. (2013). Early Family Ties and Marital Stability Over 16 Years: The Context of Race and Gender. Family Relations, 62:2, 265-568.

Birditt, K., Brown, E., Orbuch, T.L., Hope, S. (2012). Developmental Trajectories of Marital Happiness Over 16 Years. Research in Human Development,  9:2, 126-144.

Birditt, K.S., Brown, E., Orbuch, Terri L., & McIlvane, J. (2010). "Marital Conflict Behaviors and Implications for Divorce Over 16 Years," Journal of Marriage and the Family, 72(5), 1188 – 1204.

Tsapelas, I., Aron, A., & Orbuch, Terri L. (2009). "Marital Boredom Now Predicts Less Satisfaction 9 Years Later,” Psychological Science, 20(5), 543-545.

Orbuch, Terri L. (2009). 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great, Delacorte Press.

Edna Brown, Terri L. Orbuch, and Jose A. Bauermeister. (2008). "Religiosity and Marital Stability Among Black American and White American Families," Family Relations, 57(2), 186-197.

Orbuch, Terri L. (2007). Interpersonal Relationships. In G. Ritzer (Eds), Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

Orbuch, Terri L., Joseph Veroff, Halimah Hassan, and Julie Horrocks. (2002).  "Who Will divorce: A 14-Year Longitudinal Study of Black Couples and White Couples," Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 19(2): 179-202.

Orbuch, Terri L., Arland Thornton, and Jennifer Cancino. (2000). "The Impact of Marriage Quality, Divorce and Remarriage on the Relationships Between Parents and their Children," Marriage and Family Review, 29(4): 221-246.

* Reprinted in H.E. Peters, G.W. Peterson, S.K. Steinmetz, and R.D. Day (Eds.), Fatherhood: Research, Interventions, and Policies (pp. 221-246), Haworth Press, 2000.

Courses Taught

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 206 Self and Society
SOC 207 Human Sexuality
SOC 337 Interpersonal Relationships