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Academic and Career Advising Committee - 2000-2001

Academic and Career Advising Committee

Annual Report


The Committee met on January 31st, 2001. In attendance (238 Elliott Hall) were the following committee members and invitees:

Don Mayer, Carol Crum, Darlene Schott Baer, Ann Pogany, Bob Thomas, Jennifer Gilroy, Pat Bennett, Dave Hermann

We discussed whether the committee had a useful role to play in the area of advising. It was generally agreed that the advising group (Pat Bennet, et al.) already functioning across OU programs did not need advice or supervision by the committee. However, support in the Senate for any specific initiatives that the advising group might originate would be welcome.

We also discussed whether there were career planning issues that the committee could consider. Dave Hermann and Bob Thomas led a discussion on proposed changes to the configuration of student support offices (Registration, Career Placement, Financial Aid) to create a one-stop shop for students. The discussion pointed to differing views within the Administration, but it was decided that the committee could not practically study the differing views to support any particular one.

Submitted by,
Don Mayer
Chair, Academic and Career Advising Committee
September 7, 2001