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Faculty & Staff Resources

The School of Education is made up of nearly 400 faculty and staff members. If you're one of those people and you have tech needs, grant questions or research inquiries, you came to the right place. Read on to find what you're looking for. 

Technology Support

Sometimes things break. Luckily, the SEHS technology support team is available to provide information and assistance to the faculty, staff and students of the School of Education and Human Services.

Technology Resources

The School of Education and Human Services, housed in Pawley Hall, offers several technology options for our students.

The Educational Resources Lab (ERL) located in Pawley Hall Room 350 
provides students, faculty, staff and the community at large with a variety of learning resources and services that support the university’s mission. iPads, chromebook computers, digital camcorders, digital cameras, multimedia projectors, and misc tech items are maintained in and circulated from the ERL. Technical support is also available to students at this location. For more information, check out the ERL website.

Technology Support

Technology support in Pawley Hall
There are two layers of support in Pawley Hall

  • SEHS Technology Team: Rick DeMent and Julie Chapie (Primary)
  • UTS Helpdesk/Technology Staff (Emergencies Only)

Normal Requests
Normal requests are requests for purchases, consultations, projects, training, maintenance or to move/add/change technology. All of these requests should be initiated by the individual requiring the support. For the best response and service, the work flow for this process is as follows:

  • Send a request for support via email to
  • A ticket will be generated to let you know your request has been received and assigned a priority.
  • Your request will be addressed based on established triage protocols.

Emergency Issues
Emergencies are when there is a time sensitive issue that impacts conducting business. Examples include: a class, meeting or other event in progress. The priority of people to contact are:

  • The SEHS Technology Team: Rick DeMent and/or Julie Chapie.
  • The Dean’s Office (x4994): They will attempt to locate any available member of the technology staff to help you as soon as possible.
  • If for some reason the technology staff is out that day or otherwise not available, the Dean’s Office will instruct you to call the help desk at x4357 (HELP).
  • Please do not contact student technology staff unless you have an emergency that has not been addressed by Items 13.
Assessment of Technology Needs

If you are hosting an event on campus with guests from outside the University, this guide will take you through some of the things you will need to think about regarding technology in Pawley Hall.

1. Secure Your Room
The rooms in Pawley Hall have different capabilities. Select one that suits your needs.

  • Determine the technology capabilities you require.
  • Inspect the room to see if it meets these requirements.
  • If it does NOT, contact Rick DeMent or Julie Chapie to find out if it’s possible to equip the room with the necessary equipment.
  • Have your department C.T. reserve the room via Ad Astra or contact Ryan Ghedotte for availability and to reserve the room via the room request form.

2. Assess Computer Needs
Computers for presenter:

  • If the presenter wants to bring their own computer:
    • They may need an adapter to connect to the projector. All classrooms have an HDMI connection.
    • If they are from outside the OU community and do not have an OU NetID account, they will need to connect to Grizznet-Guest for wireless access. If they require a wired/ethernet connection, they can request guest sponsorship. OU staff or faculty should NOT add their own credentials to a guest's computer.
    • If they need their computer hooked up to an audio system to play sound, make sure the room has that capability (see Classroom Capability addendum).
    • All classrooms have a PC installed in the instructor station that will require a University employee or student with an ADMNET log in to access it.
      • Note: ADMNET credentials expire every 180 days. If you have not changed your password in the past 180 days, you will need to do so at This process will change your NetID password and sync your NetID/ADMNET credentials.

3. Request Network Access
Access to the wireless network for those not affiliated with Oakland University requires authentication. Your guests may connect to Grizznet-Guest and provide the personal information required for access.

4. Determine Audio Visual Needs
Events will at times require equipment such as podiums, PA systems, projection screens (for spaces that don’t have them), etc. These items are available from Classroom Support (CSITS) and their special events services.

Classroom Support
CSITS/Events services will charge a fee for equipment and services. If this equipment is needed, please be sure to contact them in advance. Visit the CSITS/Special Events webpage for more information.

SEHS Educational Resources Laboratory (ERL)
The ERL also has AV equipment available for smaller rooms and venues such as projectors, portable speaker systems, video cameras (for recording your event), microphones, tripods and more. 

It is important to reserve any equipment in advance. Contact Julie Chapie at (248) 370-3639 for more information.

For additional information, contact:

Rick DeMent

Informational Technology Analyst
Pawley Hall, Room 436
(248) 370-3047

Julie Chapie

Educational Technology Specialist
Pawley Hall, Room 450K
(248) 370-3639

Gregory Sylvester
Student Technology Assistant
Pawley Hall, Room 436
(248) 370-4506

Technology Advisory Committee
The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed in the early days of the School of Education and Human Services. At a time when most faculty and staff did not even have a computer in their individual offices, the idea was presented to have SEHS take a lead on developing technology that would not only be used in our building, but campus wide. The President of Oakland University provided two grants which were used to purchase classroom materials and the model grew from there.

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) fosters a culture of inquiry and conversation that promotes best practices for technology integration in the SEHS beneficial to teaching, scholarship, learning and human services. We promote technology education, training and development. We remain apprised of current technology configurations and usage in the SEHS. We advocate for purchases that best meet the technology needs of faculty and assist with the dispersal of funds to meet the technology needs of all students, as consistent with the mission of the SEHS. Additionally, the TAC appreciates and welcomes collaboration and discussion with members of the pre-K–12 education and human services communities.
Grant Consultations

TAC encourages applicants to take advantage of the opportunity for early conversation and consultation regarding proposed grants. Dont wait until a certain month to begin your grant conversation  the ERL may have the equipment you want, SEHS may have access to the software you are thinking about or just test out and enhance your ideas. Start the conversation as soon as you think of it  complete a SEHS/TAC Grant Request Consultation Form and a member of our committee will reach out to you soon.


TAC includes a representative from each SEHS department (Counseling; Human Development and Child Studies; Organizational Leadership; Reading and Language Arts; and Teacher Development and Educational Studies), as well as from the Educational Resources Lab (ERL) and Dean’s Office. A chair of the TAC is elected every two years by TAC members.

2023-24 Current Membership

Chairperson, Dawn Woods (TDES)

  • Julie Chapie (Dean's Office/ERL)
  • Rick DeMent (Dean's Office)
  • Julie Ricks-Doneen (HDCS)
  • Jennifer Matthews (CNS)
  • David Strubler (DOL)
  • Phyllis Ness (RLA)
  • Melissa Kempski (ERL)
Research Support Committee

The SEHS Research Support Committee (RSC) identifies and allocates resources and manages activities to promote SEHS faculty research and grant writing efforts. The RSC currently manages the application and awards of three SEHS grants: the Travel Support Award, Research Support Award and the Grant-writing Award.

For additional information, please contact your department’s representative:

Applying for Funding

Please see below for available funding opportunities. 

SEHS Research Travel Support Award
Up to $1,250 award per individual
Deadline: Friday, January 20, 2023 by 5 p.m.
Apply for the Research Travel Support Award

SEHS Research Support Award
Up to $3,000 award per proposal
Deadline: Friday, January 20, 2023 by 5 p.m.
Research Support Award Request for Proposals
Application: email to Tomoko Wakabayashi at 

SEHS Grant Writing Award
Up to $2,500 award per proposal
Deadline: Friday, January 20, 2023 by 5 p.m.
Grant Writing Award Request for Proposals
Application: email to Tomoko Wakabayashi at

Additional faculty funding opportunities and resources can be found at Additional information on the OU PI Academy is also available.


Please use the below links to report your award activities within one year from receiving the award

1. SEHS Research Travel Support Award Report
2. SEHS Research Support Award Report
3a. SEHS Grant Writing Award Mid-progress Report
3b. SEHS Grant Writing Award Final Report

Research Statement

School of Education and Human Services Research Statement
Research and scholarship are vital parts of the mission of the School of Education and Human Services. Our research and scholarship advances knowledge and addresses critical issues in education, counseling and human services. We believe that research and scholarship are essential components of providing first-class undergraduate and graduate education and integral to our collaborative work with practitioners in local school and professional communities. Research and scholarship not only inform our program offerings but also the pedagogical approaches of our highly regarded faculty.

Research Support Committee
Our faculty-led Research Support Committee (RSC) reflects our school’s commitment to supporting faculty research through monetary awards for travel, research and grant-writing. We are also here to review and provide feedback on external grant proposals, host brown-bag sessions on faculty topics of interest (e.g. pivot training, OakShare, the grant submission process) and connect SEHS faculty to other research support activities occurring on campus.

Grant Writing Resources

Support Services

The SEHS RSC is available to conduct mock reviews of SEHS faculty grant proposals by request. Also, SEHS RSC is available to research mentoring for faculty. Please contact your SEHS RSC representative for more information or to express interest in these services.

Committee on Appointment and Tenure
The charge to the Committee on Appointment and Tenure (CAP) is to determine whether a candidate has met criteria for promotion and tenure, and to judge the quality of the candidate's teaching, scholarship, and service.
Winter 2021 CAP Committee:
For additional information on the promotion and tenure process, visit the CAP E-space page. If you are denied access, inform your departmental CAP representative (listed above), who can assist with adding you to the E-space.