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Student Teaching Internships

The Student Teaching Internship serves as the capstone course for all initial certification programs. It entails a full semester assignment to a school district and mentor teacher. This assignment is full-time. During this time period, the teaching candidate’s schedule is determined by the calendar of the district to which he/she is assigned. Throughout your student teaching internship, you have the opportunity to work with a mentor teacher who will model expectations for you. You will gradually take over the classroom one subject at a time and teach independently for a minimum of five weeks.

All placements for the student teaching internship will require an interview prior to the beginning of the final field placement. Teacher candidates are not permitted to seek their own placements. Generally, students have their final field placement with their potential mentor teacher for the internship the following semester.

Internship Documents
Seminar Information

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Large Group Seminars

Student teachers will meet together on campus with supervisors and School and Field Services.

Small Group Seminars

Student teachers will meet with their supervisors during the semester using the schedule and location provided by the supervisor.

Final Requirements

Exit and Certification Requirements

Complete these online forms prior to culminating seminar: