SAE Formula Racing Unveils new car

SAE Formula Racing Unveils new car
Grizzlies racing team standing behind their car, holding a sign that says Thank You Sponsors

After months of planning and building, Society of Automotive Engineers Grizzlies Racing unveiled the 2018 GRX18 racing car to Oakland University School of Engineering and Computer Science students, faculty, alumni and their sponsors.

Grizzlies Racing is a student-led organization where mechanical engineering and other OU SECS majors meet to design and build formula-style cars and race them in competitions. This organization is lead by advisor and professor and chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Brian Sangeorzan, Ph.D.

“This is a great opportunity for the students to showcase all their hard work over the past year, and to thank the sponsors that support them,” Sangeorzan said.

“We completely design and manufacture it all of it ourselves,” SAE Grizzlies Racing member, Mark Archer said.

This event was organized as a way to not only showcase the finished product but to thank the sponsors who fund the organization. Some of these sponsors are automotive companies and suppliers such as FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Magna International, DENSO, and Monster Tooling.

“We have sponsors that give us parts and money, and things like that to assist us, without whom is not possible, and then with that, once the car is built, we go to competitions in Michigan, Nebraska, and Canada,” Archer said.

With the unveiling of the GRX8, the team brought older versions of Grizzlies Racing cars to the floor and past SAE members.

Marissa Solnik, SECS alum and past SAE treasurer and operations lead, is the owner of the GRX2 and was impressed to see how far SAE has come since being involved with the organization in 2012.

“It’s great to see how the team (has) evolved and to see the opportunities it has presented to its current members,” Solnik said.

The group’s work on campus is impressive. SAE continues to receive recognition from students and faculty for the cars they produce each year.

“We do get a lot of positive feedback overall, whether it would be students, faculty, and people taking tours,” SAE member, Sam Van Portfliet said.

Adam Delbeke, who has helped the current president run the group’s operations, said that anyone who plans to study engineering at SECS and become a member of SAE can only benefit from it.

“The understanding of manufacturing and designing from what you’ve learned in class, and applying it to a race car is a scenario you can never get in just coursework,” Delbeke said. “It only benefits you and the industry knows it, and that’s why they look for formula SAE people.”

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