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PI Academy

About the Oakland University PI Academy for Research and Engagement
The PI Academy provides professional development in research and engagement to a cohort of 30 non-tenured, tenure-track faculty members from across campus. The program includes training sessions, workshops, and other activities. Academy participants are also matched with an external mentor to further develop their skill set and career network. The PI Academy offers a great opportunity for interdisciplinary connections to be made between faculty of all disciplines. This program helps attract, support, and retain productive and engaged faculty, and grows research at OU.

Email questions to or call Leanne at (248) 370-4516.

Directed by David Stone, Vice President for Research,

Coordinated by Leanne DeVreugd,, (248) 370-4516.

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If you are a member of PI Academy, you can access resources at

PI Academy
Scholars 2019-2020

The PI Academy Scholars for 2019-2020 are:

PI Academy

Upcoming Mentor Visits

  • We are planning mentor visits for 2020. Stay tuned for seminar information!

Past Mentors


  • Sheila Murphy (University of Southern California), Beth Gazley (Indiana University)


  • Robert Raguso (Cornell University), Carol Barnum (UX Firm), Mo Wang (University of Florida), Lisa Pearce (UNC Chapel Hill), Hartry Field (New York University), Jeff Rhoads (Purdue), Peng Liu (Penn State), Samuel Museus (University of California, San Diego), Maury Nussbaum (Virginia Tech), Kathleen Martin Ginis (University of British Columbia), Linda Boyle (University of Washington), Shiyong Lu (Wayne State), Gordon Gillespie (University of Cincinnati), Judy Regensteiner (University of Colorado), Linda Van Eldik (University of Kentucky), Stewart Friedman (University of Pennsylvania), Seema Khurana (University of Houston), Diana Paton (University of Edinburgh), Mark Shiel (King's College London), Andrew Guccione (George Mason University), Elisa Bertino (Purdue), Jesse Thaler (MIT), Lindsay Grace (Miami), Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good (Harvard), Susan Dewey (Wyoming)


  • Bob Goldstein (UNC Chapel Hill), Bruce Taylor (NORC), Bruce Logan (Penn State), Mohammad Shahidehpour (IIT), Ron Askin (Arizona State), Joel Gittelsohn (Johns Hopkins), Miranda Banks (Emerson), Geoffrey Beach (MIT), Sandra Mitchell (Pittsburgh), Barbara Pieper (Wayne State), Ali Akoglu (Arizona State), Roger Summons (MIT), James Szybist (Oak Ridge National Lab), Hannah Knudson (University of Kentucky), Martin Burtscher (Texas State University), André Boehman (University of Michigan), Pat Corrigan (IIT), Amit Sheth (Wright State), Richard Bohannon (Campbell University), Catherine Snow (Harvard), Sandy Hershcovis (University of Calgary), Brian Scassellati (Yale), Loren Wold (Ohio State), Dimitrios Stefanidis (Indiana University), Alexandre Morin (Concordia University, Montreal), Bob Aronson (Taylor University)
PI Academy

Upcoming Seminars - 2020

  • We are planning mentor visits for 2020. Stay tuned for seminar information!
PI Academy

2018-2019 PI Academy Alumni:

  • Sharon Berry, Philosophy, CAS
  • Elise Brown, Public and Environmental Wellness, SHS
  • Jingshu Chen, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Ilias Cholis, Physics, CAS
  • Felicia Chong, Writing and Rhetoric, CAS
  • Christopher Cooley, Mechanical Engineering, SECS
  • Erin Dwyer, History, CAS
  • Jickssa Gemechu, Biomedical Sciences, OUWB
  • Michelle Hammond, Management, SBA
  • Mary Jamieson, Biological Sciences, CAS
  • T.J. Jourian, Organizational Leadership, SEHS
  • Brendan Kredell, Cinema Studies, CAS
  • Anyi Liu, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Matthew May, Sociology, CAS
  • Hua Ming, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Atiqul Mollah, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Kristen Munyan, Nursing, SON
  • Sang Hoon Rhee, Biological Sciences, CAS
  • Ed Rohn, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, SHS
  • Kate Rougeau, Public and Environmental Wellness, SHS
  • Julian Rrushi, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Amartya Sen, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Missie Smith, Industrial and Systems Engineering, SECS
  • Ahmad Sobhani, Decision and Information Sciences, SBA
  • Sam Srauy, Communication and Journalism, CAS
  • Greg Thrasher, Management, SBA
  • Christopher Wilson, Human Movement Science, SHS
  • Douglas Zytko, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS

2017-2018 PI Academy Alumni:

  • Shadi Alawneh, Electrical and Computer Engineering, SECS
  • S. Ali ArefifarElectrical and Computer Engineering, SECS
  • Sara Arena, Physical Therapy, SHS
  • Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Computer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Sara Blumer-Schuette, Biological Sciences, CAS
  • Daniel DelVescovo, Mechanical Engineering, SECS
  • Caitlin Demsky, Management, SBA
  • Joyce Havstad, Philosophy, CAS
  • Wendi Johnson, Criminal Justice, CAS
  • Daniel Llamocca, Electrical and Computer Engineering, SECS
  • Wing-Yue Geoffrey LouieElectrical and Computer Engineering, SECS
  • Jonathan Maisonneuve, Mechanical Engineering, SECS
  • Khalid Mahmood MalikComputer Science and Engineering, SECS
  • Matthew McLarnon, Psychology, CAS
  • Nasim NezamoddiniIndustrial and Systems Engineering, SECS
  • Maria Paino, Sociology, CAS
  • Julia Paul, Nursing, SON
  • Melissa Reznar, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, SHS
  • Victoria Roach, Anatomy, OUWB
  • Kwame Sakyi, Public Health, SHS
  • Mi Hye Song, Biological Sciences, CAS
  • Laurel Dolin Stevenson, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, SHS
  • Luis Villa Diaz, Biological Sciences, CAS
  • Tomoko Wakabayashi, Human Development and Child Studies, SEHS
  • Colin Wu, Chemistry, CAS
  • Ziming YangChemistry, CAS
  • Wei Zhang, Physics, CAS
  • Peng ZhaoMechanical Engineering, SECS