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Incentive Program

The Vice Provost for Research (VPR) will arrange for pre-peer review of certain federal grant proposals to be submitted by OU investigators. This program provides a stipend for the peer reviewer, and includes financial rewards for both the reviewer and the investigator if the proposal is funded. Reviewers must agree to provide a timely review based on the criteria established by the funding agency, and the investigator must adhere to the timeline for providing the draft proposal to the reviewer.

Who can apply? 
Any OU faculty member who is eligible to be a PI, and who is planning to submit a grant proposal to a federal sponsor, may ask to participate in this program. PI’s may participate in the program no more than once per year.

Which federal agencies qualify for pre-peer review of proposals?
Most federal sponsors would be included (e.g. NIH, NSF, DOD, DoE, DoEd, CDC, and USDA).  Please consult with the VPR to confirm eligibility.

What is the minimum budget requirement of the grant application?
To participate in this pilot program, the total direct costs for all years of the grant must be at least $200,000.

What is the financial incentive for the reviewer? 
The reviewer will receive $500 when he/she has submitted a formal review of the proposal, within 2 weeks of receipt, using the review criteria established by the sponsoring agency (or by the VPR if appropriate). If the grant is funded, the reviewer will receive an additional $500.

What is the incentive for the investigator? 
Experience at OU and other institutions with pre-peer review of proposals shows an improvement in the quality of the proposal and its funding potential. An additional incentive for the PI is that if the pre-peer reviewed proposal is funded, he/she will receive $250.

What is the deadline to participate? 
The PI must notify the VPR at least 6 weeks before the grant application deadline that he/she is interested in submitting a proposal for the pre-peer review program. This will allow time to identify an appropriate reviewer. The proposal itself must be submitted to the VPR (who will forward it to the peer reviewer) at least 4 weeks before the grant submission deadline. It is recognized that the draft proposal will not necessarily be a final, fully formatted draft, but must be complete with regard to all of the required sections of scientific/scholarly text. The reviewer will be given 2 weeks to complete the review and return the comments to the PI so that any changes can be made before submission to the sponsor.

Contact the AVPR, Dr. David Stone, at