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Overview of Programs


The Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The psychology curriculum is structured to meet the needs of four types of students interested in majoring in psychology:

(1) Students who plan to find employment after obtaining the bachelor's degree

(2)  Students who plan to go to graduate school in psychology or a related field

(3) Students who plan to enter a field other than psychology that requires further formal training

(4) Students who have a general interest in psychology.

For individuals looking to teach at Oakland University, please contact Dr. Keith Williams, Director of Undergraduate Programs. Oakland University requires adjunct instructors to have a Master's degree.


The Department of Psychology updated its curricular requirements beginning in the 2016/2017 academic year.  Also, please be aware that Oakland University will be moving to a 4-digit course numbering system beginning Fall 2017.

For assistance, please refer to PSYCHOLOGY COURSE CROSS-WALK

For complete information regarding requirements for majoring in psychology, please use the link below.  Be sure to refer to the requirements in the Student Catalog for the year that you enrolled at Oakland University:

Current Catalog:

     Online Catalog (2016-2017)

          Note:  Students who transferred to OU beginning Fall, 2016 will follow the 2015-2016 requirements.

Previous Catalogs:

     Online Catalog (2015-2016)

     Online Catalog (2014-2015)

     Online Catalog (2013-2014), (2012-2013) & (2011-2012) in PDF format

           Note: Students who enrolled prior to 2011-2012 catalog will need to follow the 2011-2012 requirements.

Helpful LinkChange of Major/Minor Form

    (Note: Please turn in your completed form to the front desk in 221 Varner Hall - CAS Advising Office).

To earn a minor in psychology, students must complete a minimum of 24 credits in psychology with a minimum GPA of 2.00 over all psychology courses and must satisfy the requirements detailed in the online catalog.

Brief overview of Psychology Minor:

Two (2) core courses:  PSY 100 (PSY 1000) and PSY 250 (PSY 2500)

Two (2) 200-level survey courses

Two (2) 300-level domain courses in different areas.

Please be aware that there are no substitutions for the above courses.  Non-domain courses (or formerly elective credit courses) will not be accepted as satisfying the 300/400 level requirement.

Helpful Link:  Declaration or Change of Major/Minor Form

    (Note: Please turn in your completed form to the front desk in 221 Varner Hall - CAS Advising Office).

Pre-requisites for Psychology Courses
PSY 251 (Introduction to Statistics) prerequisites:
The criteria are PSY 250 and competency in intermediate algebra.

Competency is determined in one of three ways:
  1. Obtaining a 22 or better on the ACT
  2. Passing the math placement exam with a Level “R” or better
  3. Passing MTH 062 (and for you the prerequisite MTH 061) with a 2.0 or better and/or placement in a higher level math course.
The math prerequisite is for your protection and future success. Thus, there are NO EXCEPTIONS for this prerequisite.

Please note the following:
  1. STA 225 is considered to be a higher level math course than MTH 062. If you have completed the course and passed it, then you will be permitted to take PSY 251. Please be aware the MTH 118 (or its equivalent from another institution) is NOT considered a higher level course in mathematics and statistics.

    Please note that STA 225 cannot be substituted for PSY 251. Although both are introductory statistics course, the focus is different in each course. PSY 251 focuses more on conceptual applications and the use of SPSS while STA 225 focuses more on mathematical computations.

  2. Use of Mathematics/Statistics course from another university or community college can be used to satisfy the pre-requisite requirement as long as it has been approved by the Mathematics and Statistics Department. Proof of current enrollment or completion (with a passing grade) will be necessary to issue an override into PSY 251.
Helpful Link:
Mathematics and Statistics Department – Math Placement

Psychology courses 10 years old or older
Courses that are 10 years old or older generally will NOT be counted toward satisfying requirements for a Major in Psychology. However, courses that are over 10 years old are accepted for a Minor in Psychology, however.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Chief Academic Adviser who would assist you in reviewing such courses before accepting them for credit.

Graduating with one credit shortage in the Major/Minor
The Department of Psychology automatically approves your major for graduation if you are short one credit in the psychology major (43/44 credits); however, we do NOT approved a two-credit shortage (42/44). In the situation of a 2-credit shortage, you will need to enroll in another course in psychology.

Department Petitions of Exception
Department Petitions of Exceptions (DPOE) are used in those rare cases where a student will need an exception to the major or minor criteria or a course. Adequate justification for the exception is required. All DPOEs are completed and submitted for consideration by the Chief Academic Adviser.   Thereafter, there is a chain of supervisors that will also need to approve the request.

Petitions of exception are used for several reasons:
  1. Allowing a course from another institution to count as an equivalent course at Oakland University. (Transfer equivalency evaluation of a course from another university that is not included on the Transfer Equivalency Guide).
  2. Possible (BUT VERY RARE) course substitutions
  3. Fourth time repeat requests
  4. Other justifiable reasons for exceptions to the general guidelines and rules
Overrides are provided to students on those exceptionally rare occasions when a student needs to enroll in a class but is unable to do so through SAIL. There are several reasons as to why a student cannot enroll. The most usual reasons that students are unable to enroll include:
  1. Pre-requisites are not met
  2. Enrollment is at the capacity (and the course is closed)
  3. Seats are reserved for students within a particular department (e.g. Nursing & PSY 225)
  4. Students wish to repeat a course (for a better grade)
With explicit permission (that is written consent), an override can be issued:
  1. For a student who has met a pre-requisite through another institution, but OU’s transfer equivalency system does not yet recognize it.
  2. For a student enrolled in a pre-requisite and can provide documentation of the enrollment. Note that a student will be dropped automatically if the pre-requisite course is not passed.
  3. If a student needs to repeat a course.
An override is typically not granted when a course is at enrollment capacity due to fire codes, writing intensive curriculum, and late requests. The rare exception occurs only with an instructor’s explicit, written permission.

Please see Ms. Sandy Gabert (Room 111) should an override be required, or the Chief Academic adviser when Ms. Gabert is unavailable.