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Office of the President

Wilson Hall, Room 204
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
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Office of the President

Wilson Hall, Room 204
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
(location map)

OU-Michigan ACE

In concert with the Inclusive Excellence Group of the American Council on Education, the Michigan ACE Women’s Network is committed to identifying, developing the leadership of, advancing, and supporting the retention of women in higher education throughout the state. The Michigan ACE Network is open to all public and private, two-year and four-year institutions in the state and requires institutional membership for participation in Network activities.

Visit for news and resources. Be sure to like us on FacebookOakland University has an active MI-ACE chapter. Faculty and staff are encouraged to join.

2020 Annual Conference

Mark your calendars for the Michigan ACE Women’s Network annual conference for 2020, which will be held June 8-9 at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi. The 2020 conference will be hosted by Madonna University.


The OU MI-ACE chapter is launching two initiatives to support the advancement of women on campus:

Informal networking and mentoring brown bag 
The purpose: to give all categories of women employees at OU an opportunity to meet each other, to develop cross divisional networks, to expand their current networks and to establish informal mentoring relationships.

Friday, January 17 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. OC 125
Thursday, January 30 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. OC 125
Thursday, February 13, 12 - 1:30 p.m. OC 128
Friday, March 20, 12 - 1:30 p.m. OC 125
Thursday, April 23, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. OC 125
Thursday, May 21 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. OC 126

To identify the interest for participation in this initiative, please fill out the mini-survey.

Half a day in the life of another: a journey of discovery. A shadowing program

This pilot program aims to build bridges for and among women faculty, staff, in administrative and non-administrative roles and to help alleviate the mystery of what does somebody else do at OU. We envision that 20 women from across the campus will shadow for half a day 20 people from a different job category that they are in, people in a formal or informal leadership position.

The timeline for this project is:

January (first part): recruitment of those who want to shadow
January (second part): matching process
February – March: half-day of shadowing
April: evaluation of pilot program

To participate in this pilot program, please fill out the mini-survey by January 16, 2020.

If more that 20 people are interested in participation in this program, we will try to accommodate this interest.

For more information about these initiatives, please contact the OU MI ACE institutional representatives:

Claudia Petrescu, Chief Strategy Officer (

Anita Hicks, Oakland Center Associate Director (

Steering Committee Members

Oakland University MI-ACE
Steering Committee Members

Dawn Aubry
Peggy Cooke
Sally Daniel
Ami Harbin
Jennifer Heisler
Petra Knoche
Stephanie Lee
Jo Reger
Anita Hicks
Claudia Petrescu

Get Involved

Phyllis Law Googasian Award

General Purpose
The Phyllis Law Googasian Award honors and recognizes women who have contributed to the advancement of women at Oakland University and beyond through distinguished leadership, scholarship, advocacy, mentoring, program development or other activities.

Eligible Nominees
Any member of the Oakland University faculty (including special instructors and lecturers), administrators, administrative professionals, and other staff members 

Eligible Nominators
Nominations are welcome from any University employee

Nomination Form
Googasian Nomination Forms will be available November 2019, please check back then.

Googasian Award Committee Composition
The Committee shall be composed of current members of the ACE Network Steering Committee

Criteria for Selection

  1. The candidate shall have demonstrated significant contributions to the development of the status of women.
  2. The candidate shall have demonstrated exceptional leadership through professional accomplishments or notable scholarship.
  3. The candidate must be able to attend the Award ceremony in person.
  4. All nominees will be asked to provide documentation in support of their nomination.

Selection Process

  1. Individual members of the Googasian Award Committee will rank nominees according to the above criteria. These rankings will be tabulated to identify the top candidates for consideration.
  2. At a meeting or meetings called by the Chair of the Googasian Award Committee, the Committee will discuss rankings and select a winner.
  3. There will be one winner per year.
Equal Pay Day

Did you know that full-time earnings for women are approximately 80.5 percent of earnings for men? The White House also reports that the pay gap is greater for African-American and Latina women, with African-American women earning 62.5 cents and Latina women earning 54.4 cents for every dollar earned by a white, non-Hispanic male.

The Michigan ACE Women’s Network, in partnership with Michigan Equal Pay Coalition, invites you to join us for a “Red Out” on April 2 to recognize Equal Pay Day.

Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into the year a woman must work, on average, to earn as much as her male counterparts did during the previous year. Red is worn on this day as a symbol of how far women are “in the red” with regard to pay.

Learn more about the inequities for women of color from the National Committee on Pay Equity.