Department of Physics

Mathematics and Science Center, Room 190
146 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309
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(248) 370-3416
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Chief Adviser: Eugene Surdutovich

Advisers in the various physics fields include:

Independent research projects are available in each area.


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Physics Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Programs

Physics, B.A.

Physics, B.S. Program Overview
Physics, B.S. Course Requirements

Medical Physics, B.S. Program Overview
Medical Physics, B.S. Course Requirements

The Oakland University Medical Physics major provides a unique opportunity for students to obtain a deep understanding of physics while at the same time preparing for careers in medical physics, biological physics or medicine. The degree consists primarily of the courses taken by a physics major, plus many of those taken by a premedical student. This program is an excellent preparation for graduate study in physics, admission into medical school, or a job in biomedical engineering. Any student wanting an interdisciplinary background in both physical and biological sciences will find this major attractive.

The medical physics undergraduate major benefits from Oakland University's Biomedical Sciences: Medical Physics Ph.D. program. In particular, undergraduates have many research opportunities available in medical and biological physics within the Department of Physics. Students also will benefit from the new OU-Beaumont School of Medicine.   
Physics, Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP)

Engineering Physics, B.S.