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Mark C. Navin


Mark C. Navin 

Title: Professor and Chair
Office: 746 Mathematics and Science Center
Phone: 248-370-2716
Mark Christopher Navin, PhD, HEC-C, is Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Oakland University (OU), Lecturer in the Department of Foundational Medical Studies at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB), and Clinical Ethicist at Beaumont Health.

Professor Navin holds a BA (1999) in Philosophy from Cornell University and an MA (2005) and a PhD (2008) in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. He received the Healthcare Ethics Consultant-Certified (HEC-C) credential from the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities in 2020.

Professor Navin's teaching is primarily in social/political/legal philosophy and applied ethics, including bioethics. At OU, he regularly teaches Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Global Justice, and introductory ethics courses. At OUWB, he teaches seminars about Pediatric Ethics and Vaccine Hesitancy.

Professor Navin’s research is primarily in clinical ethics and ethics in public health, and includes empirical work in both areas. His monograph, Values and Vaccine Refusal: Hard Questions in Ethics, Epistemology and Health Care, was published by Routledge in 2016. His articles have appeared in journals including JAMA Pediatrics, Milbank Quarterly, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Pediatrics, Vaccine, American Journal of Bioethics, Hastings Center Report, Bioethics, and Journal of Medical Ethics.

Professor Navin’s current projects include a book about vaccine mandates with Katie Attwell ( America's Vaccine Wars: California and the Politics of Mandates, under contract with Oxford University Press), a book about ethical decision making for patients with diminished cognitive capacities (in progress with Jason Wasserman), a set of systematic reviews about the use of core ethics concepts in the bioethics literature, and various papers about empirical and ethical issues in immunization policy.

Professor Navin co-chairs Beaumont Health’s Ethical Allocation Committee for Covid-19 vaccines, will chair the OU Faculty Re-appointment and Promotion Committee (FRPC) in AY 21-22, and serves as a faculty representative on the OU Student Success Committee and the Vaccine Exemption Committee.

Representative Publications
  • 2021. Navin, M., Wasserman, J., Stahl, D., and Tomlinson, T., “The Capacity to Designate a Surrogate is Distinct from Decisional Capacity: Normative and Empirical Considerations,” Journal of Medical Ethics. doi: 10.1136/medethics-2020-107078.
  • 2020. Navin, M. and Danchin, M. “Vaccine Mandates in the US and Australia: Balancing Benefits and Burdens for Children and Physicians,” Vaccine 38(51):8075-8077.
  • 2020. Navin, M., Wasserman, J., and Opel, D. “Reasons to Accept Vaccine Refusers in Primary Care,” Pediatrics, 146(6): e20201801.
  • 2019. Navin, M. and Wasserman, J. “Capacity for Preferences and Pediatric Assent: Implications for Pediatric Practice,” Hastings Center Report, 49(1): 43-51.
  • 2019. Navin, M. and Attwell, K. “Vaccine Mandates, Value Pluralism, and Policy Diversity,” Bioethics 33(9):1042-1049.
  • 2019. Navin, M., Wasserman, J., Bies, S., Ahmad, M. “Reasons for Vaccine Refusal and Vaccination Behaviors,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 56(3):359-367.
  • 2019. Navin, M., Kozak, A., Clark, E. “The Evolution of Immunization Waiver Education in Michigan: A Qualitative Study,” Vaccine, 36(13): 1751-1756.