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High School Outreach Program

The great majority of American students have no opportunity to study philosophy until college, despite a growing body of research that shows that pre-collegiate engagement with philosophy helps students improve their reasoning, motivation, independence, and self-esteem. Although Southeast Michigan is fortunate to have a thriving culture of high school ethics bowls, there are few opportunities for students at most high schools to learn about philosophy. The goal of the High School Outreach Program at Oakland University is to fill this gap, by providing opportunities for high schoolers to learn about philosophy.

Still in its fledgling phase, the Outreach Program currently sponsors two sorts of activities: summer philosophy camp, and classroom visits. Learn more about each of these programs by clicking on the tabs below.

Philosophy Summer Camp

The inaugural week of Oakland’s Philosophy Camp will be occurring in late July 2018, at the Oakland University campus. The camp will focus on logical reasoning skills, philosophical inquiry, and methods of argumentation. It will be a day camp, occurring for 4-5 hours per day over a five-day period. Any current high school student can attend.

If you are interested in signing up for camp, please contact Daniel Propson at

High School Classroom Visits

The goal of our classroom visits program is to enhance the education of high school students in their own high school curriculum, while also letting them know more about the discipline of philosophy. Through this program, philosophy professors from OU visit high school classrooms or assemblies to raise important philosophical questions about ethics, politics, science, epistemology, and the history of ideas.

If you have an interest in learning more about this program, or having an OU professor visit your classroom, please contact Daniel Propson at

News and Events

Research on the Effects of Pre-College Philosophy Instruction Underway

The Daily Nous has a link to a new summer camp program in philosophy that is researching the effectiveness of such camps.  See:

Oakland University Philosophy Summer Camp Starts Summer 2018

During the summer of 2018, the Oakland Philosophy Department will be having its inaugural week of Philosophy Summer Camp!  Many thanks to students Samantha Sinclair, Genevieve Schmidt, Ian Anderson, and Nicole Diroff in helping make this happen.