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Oakland joins COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge

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icon of a calendarJune 3, 2021

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Oakland joins COVID-19 College Vaccination Challenge
This student gets a COVID-19 vaccination during one of OU's many vaccination clinics held on campus this spring.

Oakland University has joined with the Michigan Association of State Universities and other public state universities in Michigan to support the COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge that was announced yesterday by the White House in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education.

The three commitments associated with participation in the COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge include: finding unique ways to engage every student, faculty, and staff member; organizing our university community’s vaccine efforts while calling upon campus champions to help spread the word; and delivering vaccine access for all.

badge of support for COVID College Challenge
COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge

“This is an important new initiative created by the White House and Dept. of Education that will strengthen some of the efforts we have already been implementing to encourage our campus community to get vaccinated,” said Oakland University President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D. “I am proud to stand with MASU and the other state universities as we all work to ensure the Fall 2021 semester looks and feels more normal for our students.”

Look for messages on Oakland University’s various social media platforms that use the approved hashtags #COVIDCollegeChallenge and #WeCanDoThis. You can also use these hashtags on your personal social media postings to help share a message of support that a vaccinated campus is a safer campus.

Learn more about the new effort to encourage and support vaccinations for all campus community members at:

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