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OU to host 'Dollars for Dorian Relief' to support the University of The Bahamas

Campus fundraising event scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 12

This image captures Hurricane Dorian as it moved through The Bahamas causing severe damage to the islands and the University of The Bahamas.

Hawksbilll Hall exterior after Hurricane Dorian passed through.

Hawksbilll Hall interior photogrpah #1 following Hurricane Dorian.

Hawksbilll Hall interior photograph #2 following Hurricane Dorian.

The University of The Bahamas plans to fully rebuild with help and support from the community and fundraising events like those being held at OU.

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icon of a calendarSeptember 10, 2019

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OU to host 'Dollars for Dorian Relief' event
This image captures Hurricane Dorian as it moved through The Bahamas causing severe damage to the islands and the University of The Bahamas.

Original message from President Pescovitz:

Dear Members of the Oakland University Community,

The people in The Bahamas desperately need our help. 

In response, as a community, we are taking steps to support those in the Bahamas who are dealing with the physical, emotional and psychological trauma caused by one of the most devastating hurricanes in recent history, an unprecedented natural disaster in the island country leaving a swath of broken lives and shredded communities.

The damage caused by Hurricane Dorian has left many people injured and displaced, including 600 students registered at a campus of the University of The Bahamas, a peer institution and member of the Association of Governing Board of Universities and Colleges.

The death toll is expected to increase as reports become available on the whereabouts and condition of tens of thousands of people displaced by the disaster. Clearly, the immediate response requires understanding the Bahamians’ needs for basic supplies. But we must also be mindful of the long-term impact, and the need to support medical care for what will likely be many cases of post-traumatic stress disorders.

Why should we respond?

Our values and mission inspire us “to serve the needs and aspirations of our communities.” The definition of community is not determined by zip code or geographical proximity. Rather, our notion of community is shaped by our connection to each other, our shared humanity, and our ability to consolidate our resources to provide positive and impactful support.

Call to public service

Your participation is fundamental to demonstrating how OU’s mission, vision and values translate into public service.

On Thursday, September 12, OU students, faculty, and staff will have an opportunity to donate from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. at "Dollars for Dorian Relief" donation tables in the Oakland Center. Those who donate will receive an “I DONATED” sticker.

Donations will also be accepted at Hillcrest and Vandenberg residence halls outside the dining areas at tables staffed by Housing staff during this time.

In addition, online contributions can be made now through “Grow Oakland,” a crowdfunding platform.

Furthermore, the Office of the President will contribute matching funds up to $5,000 of the amount raised by the OU community. In addition, I will personally contribute up to another $5,000. Overall, we will pool the contributions from students, faculty, staff and alumni along with matching funds, and make sure the people of the Bahamas receive our financial support as soon as possible.

With your support, we will succeed in supporting the people of the Bahamas. Working together, we can and will make a positive impact on our communities and the world.

Thank you,
Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D.

"Dollars for Dorian Relief" fundraising efforts have expanded:

A National Historic Landmark on OU's campus, Meadow Brook Hall, has joined the fundraising effort for The University of The Bahamas:

Meadow Brook Hall will donate 50% of all revenue from tours of the former home of Matilda Dodge Wilson to the "Dollars  for Dorian Relief" effort on Thursday, Sept. 12. That makes it the perfect time to visit the "Great Estate."

Oakland University’s Department of Athletics has joined the fundraising effort for The University of The Bahamas:

Athletics will donate the ticket proceeds from Saturday’s women’s volleyball and men’s soccer matches to the “Dollars for Dorian Relief” effort.  So, come on out, support the Golden Grizzlies teams and know your cost of admission is going to help those in need at the University of The Bahamas.

Chartwells Higher Education, the official food service partner of Oakland University, has joined the fundraising effort for The University of The Bahamas:

The food service teams from Chartwells will be adding $1 and $5-dollar donation options to their food service cash register operations in all Oakland Center food locations as well as those at the Kresge Library, Human Health Building, Elliott Hall, Pawley Hall, Tilly’s in Oak View Hall and The Hive at Hillcrest Hall in support of the “Dollars for Dorian Relief” effort on Thursday, Sept. 12. It is another easy way for students, faculty and staff to make a contribution and participate in the fundraising efforts for the University of The Bahamas. 

OUPD has joined the fundraising effort:

OUPD is donating their parking violations and parking meter money from today. 

Golf and Learning Center has joined the fundraising effort:

The Golf and Learning Center is donating a $1 per round of golf from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.

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