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OU names 2022 Outstanding Adviser, New Academic Adviser

icon of a calendarMarch 16, 2022

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OU names 2022 Outstanding Adviser, New Academic Adviser
Denica Holzworth and Adam McChesney
Denica Holzworth and Adam McChesney.

Since 2008, Oakland University has recognized outstanding advisers for their dedication to academic advising and innovative programming aimed at student success.

This year, the Oakland University Professional Advisers Council has named Adam McChesney, senior academic advisor in the School of Business Administration, as 2022 Outstanding Adviser of the Year; and Denica Holzworth, academic adviser and events coordinator in the School of Business Administration, as the 2022 New Academic Adviser of the Year.

“Academic advising can touch almost every area of the campus, and academic advisers really serve as a safety net for students,” McChesney said. “When students don't know what to do or who to talk to, they come to us. I do believe academic advising is an integral part of the academic experience here at Oakland.

“I think this award represents the work I, along with my colleagues, do to help the university recognize the importance of academic advising,” he added. “I'm proud of the work in our office to develop advising learning outcomes, an academic advising syllabus, and assessment of academic advising to help students see that advising is an educational, learning experience for them.”

McChesney and Holzworth were nominated for the awards by students and colleagues who praised their kindness and empathy, dedication, knowledge, diligence, motivational skills and support, leadership skills, professionalism and other admirable qualities.

Kate Golder, senior academic advisor in the First Year Advising Center, was part of the selection process this year. She was also the recipient of the Outstanding Adviser of the Year Award in 2021.

“As a past winner, I was so incredibly honored to be recognized by my students and colleagues,” she said. “I am an academic adviser because my passion is to help others and it brings me so much joy to work with OU students every day. To be recognized by my students was the icing on the cake of an already rewarding and fulfilling career. 

“Now I am so excited to be able to be a part of the process this year of awarding Adam and Denica,” Golder added. “To be able to get the chance to now acknowledge someone else for their hard work, passion for helping others, and dedication to OU is just as exciting as receiving the award.”

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