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Global Ambassadors

Study abroad advisers share their educational experiences

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Shantel Glover and Ghazi Ghazi are devoted to global awareness. As study abroad advisers for Oakland University’s Office of Global Engagement, these undergraduate students are ambassadors of cultural understanding.

Glover started at OU as a pre-PT major, but changed her degree plans after studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Now, as she finishes her double major in Spanish language and literature and Latin American studies, Glover is looking forward to serving in the Peace Corps teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Benin, West Africa.

“Without OU’s study abroad opportunities, applying to serve in the Peace Corps would have been difficult,” Glover says. “The study abroad student advising also enhanced my resume, which included training students to study abroad and learn about new cultures.”

Glover found her degree path because of her study abroad experience. Conversely, Ghazi chose study abroad — and OU — because of the major he wanted to pursue.

“The international relations program had everything I was looking for,” Ghazi says. “It emphasizes language and regional studies, with an interdisciplinary approach, so we are taking classes in politics, history, economics and international studies.”

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Ghazi immigrated to America with a keen interest in international history, politics and globalization. He has studied in both Jerusalem and Morocco, with plans to continue his education with a master’s in Middle Eastern studies in pursuit of work in the United States foreign service.

“From the various research opportunities that I have had here, to the classes and involvement that I’ve taken, I think I’m on a great path toward my goal,” says Ghazi. “One aspect of this career is having previous experience in the region you are looking to apply for and being that I’m looking to work within the Middle East, OU has provided me with opportunities to be ready for that.”

Ghazi and Glover, along with nearly 200 other students who study abroad yearly, arrive at Oakland on different paths, but find a shared community in those passionate about cultural immersion.

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Madrid, Spain

Cordoba, Spain. Mosque of Cordoba or the "Mezquita"

Granada, Spain

Aoufous and the Ziz Valley, Morocco


Fes, Morocco

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