Student Success

In the Gold Seat

with Wesley Wright

School of Health Sciences

icon of a calendarNovember 23, 2020

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Major: Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science
Class standing: Senior
Type of classes this year: Hybrid
Best building to have classes in: Human Health Building (HHB)
Favorite study spot: The Oakland Center, in the new upstairs area where you can look out to the clock tower
Favorite event on campus: Student Program Board’s Casino Night
Best OU moment: When I was preparing for an exam with a few of my friends. We ordered Panera, which meant a lot of macaroni, cookies, and bread, and studied for what felt like an entire day in HHB
Favorite professor: Dale Telgenhoff
Songs to study to: I tend to listen to more chilled music when I study. For example, a few artists I listen to are JP Cooper, Emawk, Shoffy, and Kevin Garrett.

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