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Grizz Grind

Run or walk the Grizz Grind 5K campus course and enter to win a gym membership to Applied Fitness Solutions

Oakland University alumni Jared Freeman and Nate Langley of Applied Fitness Solutions run OU students through the Grizz Grind on campus


icon of a calendarAugust 10, 2017

icon of a pencilBy Emell Derra Adolphus

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Now that summer is in its homestretch, Oakland University faculty, staff and students across campus are slowly getting back into the swing of things. And OU alumni Jared Freeman, SHS '08, and Nate Langley, CAS '11, of Applied Fitness Solutions are here to help.

In order to get your mind and body fit for the new school year, we asked them to create a course that would ease us back into our campus commutes and enjoy the views of some of our scenic routes. The result is the Grizz Grind—a 5K tour around campus to five locations with recommended exercises at each stop.

Think you have what it takes to hit all five? Take a photo at each station and send to for a chance to win a 6-month free membership to an Applied Fitness Solutions gym. Here's a map and what's in store at each station:

5K course route at Oakland University in Rochester Hills

1. Pushup Holds at Elliott Tower
Stay on top of your grades early and hold that high GPA for the rest of the year. Push yourself. You can do it.
Oakland University alumnus Jared Freeman shows students exercise techniques at Elliott Tower

2. Walking Lunges at the Upper Fields

The start of a new school year at Oakland University means a Michigan winter isn't too far behind. Walking lunges keep your legs strong and prepared for when the snow comes.

Jared Freeman and Oakland University students do walking lunges on O U upper field
3. Pushups at Bear Lake

Pushups will give you the arm strength you need to carry heavy textbooks across campus.

Oakland University alumnus Jared Freeman instructs students on exercise
4. Up Downs at the Oakland Center

Up Downs are all about stamina. Use this exercise as practice as you prepare to pace yourself through another school year.

Jared Freeman instructs students in exercise at Oakland University
5. Squats at the Kresge Library

It's good to take frequent breaks while you study. This means getting up several times to stretch your legs. Squats can help with that.

Jared Freeman  practices squats with Oakland University students

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