Oakland Center

Oakland Center, Suite 151
312 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
(location map)
(248) 370-3245

room with a rectangular table and empty chairs arranged around it


All rooms are equipped with state of the art technology and tech assistance for every event (see rates below). Please Contact Oakland Center Reservations at Ext. 3230 to reserve AV for your event.

LCD Projector

1 Hour$30
Each Additional Hour (or part)$15
1 Hour Charge$30
2 Hour Charge$45
3 Hour Charge$60
4 Hour Charge$75
5 Hour Charge$90
6 Hour Charge$105
7 Hour Charge$120
8 (or more) Hours/Full Day Charge$110

Laptop Computer

1 Hour$20
Each Additional Hour (or part)$10
1 Hour Charge$20
2 Hour Charge$30
3 Hour Charge$40
4 Hour Charge$50
5 Hour Charge$60
6 Hour Charge$70
7 Hour Charge$80
8 (or more) Hours/Full Day Charge$75

Technology Personnel:
A $40 per hour technology fee will be applied to any event that requires dedicated technical support.

**Some rooms have fixed equipment, for which there is no charge. Prices include equipment and initial set-up.