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University employees reminded of conflict of interest policy

Limitations include provisions on the acceptance of gifts

Conflict of interest, faculty, staff, gifts

icon of a calendarNovember 16, 2020

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University employees are reminded to review of OU's Conflict of Interest Policy, including provisions on the acceptance of gifts. Faculty and staff are encouraged to review the policy each year to remain familiar with it.

Key points in the policy include:

  • Reporting a Conflict of Interest: Employees with any concerns about a possible conflict of interest should contact the Conflict of Interest Review Committee, which is comprised of the Internal Audit Director, Purchasing Director and AVP for Human Resources, or complete the COI Disclosure Form.

  • Ethics Awareness: The policy requires that faculty and staff participate annually in an ethics awareness program, which can be found at the bottom of the policy webpage.

  • Disclosure: To maximize awareness of conflicts of interest, the policy requires certain employees to annually submit a disclosure that affirms they will comply with the policy, and informs the University of their personal, financial and business interests and those of their family and business associates that could involve an arrangement with the University.

On a related note, faculty and staff are reminded that they should not accept gifts from organizations doing business with the University. According to the policy, a gift is anything of value in any form including money, goods, entertainment, services, use of property or facilities, loans and price concessions. Nominal advertising items, promotional materials of token value and business meeting meals are not gifts.

For more information, see OU AP&P: 406 Conflict of Interest.

The university appreciates the understanding and cooperation of all faculty and staff members in this matter.

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