Medical Student Government

The Medical Student Government (MSG) at OUWB serves as the official representative body of the medical students to the OUWB administration, faculty, Beaumont, Oakland University, and the community. MSG strives to investigate, discuss, and act on issues pertinent to the student body. MSG organizes and oversees committees and their work that is pertinent to the students and the institution. MSG also serves as the fund allocation body for OUWB student organizations. Lastly, MSG serves as the communication medium between the student body and institutional partners.


Executive Board:
President: Ali Rida
Vice President: Mackenzie Schmidt
Secretary: Revelle Gappy
Treasurer: Alex George 

For the 2021-2022 year: 
M4 - Class of 2022
Nina Diklich (
Rachel Kalthoff (
Grace Peterson (
Melanie Wiczorek (

M3 - Class of 2023
Omar Bukhsh (
Shivam Patel (
Sienna Ringgenberg (
Sunny Khatter (

M2 - Class of 2024
Yousif Esho (
Misha Haq (
Megan Moore (
Brandon Prentice (

M1 - Class of 2025

Organization of Student Representatives (OSR):
Mustafa Abdullah, CO 2021
Michael Moussa, CO 2022
Mallory Hoevet, CO 2023
Ryan Ko, CO 2024

Senators Elect:
M4 - Class of 2022: 
M3 - Class of 2023: Ameen Suhrawardy
M2 - Class of 2024: Shahrukh Naseer
M1 - Class of 2025: TBD

MSG Advisors:
Dr. Gustavo Patino, Faculty Advisor
Dr. Berkley Browne, Student Affairs Advisor

Committee representatives:
Class of 2022
Main Curriculum Committee - Maidah Raja (
M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee- Grace Kummerfeld (
M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee - Michael Kabbash (
Curriculum Integration Subcommittee - Manraj Sekhon (
Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee - Omid Vadpey (
Medical Library Committee - None
Finance Committee - Nina Diklich (
Social Committee - None
Research Committee - Kassy Kneen (
Admissions Committee - Duncan Stevens (
Faculty Recognition Committee - None

Class of 2023
Main Curriculum Committee - Eric James (
M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee - Ameen Suhrawardy (
M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee - Elizabeth Seeley (
Curriculum Integration Subcommittee - Mary Nowlen (
Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee - Sienna Ringgenberg (
Medical Library Committee - Brianna Walter (
Finance Committee - Kevin Eid (, James Gannon (
Social Committee - None
Research Committee - Majd Faraj (
Admissions Committee - Kimberly Anyadike (
Faculty Recognition Committee - None

Class of 2024
Main Curriculum Committee - Shahrukh Naseer (
M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee - Nicolaas Schimmel (
M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee - Yasin Sahin (
Curriculum Integration Subcommittee - Salwan Al Hani (
Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee - Mohsen Mokhtari (
Medical Library Committee - Raheel Khan (
Finance Committee - Joseph Salib (, Raheel Khan (
Social Committee - Faris Alkhouri (, Yasin Sahin (, Kate Romero (
Research Committee - Sneha Dodaballapur (
Admissions Committee - Misha Haq (
Faculty Recognition Committee - Luke Fickenworth (

Big Sib Program

The goal of the Big Sib Program is to enhance the relationship between M1s and M2s, as well as to provide helpful guidance and advice as students transition into medical school. In alignment with our school's vision, the Big Sib Program fosters a community environment at OUWB.